Growth January 25, 2020

"Who's Hiring In Tech" podcast launched.... if you're hiring, would you like to be a guest on the show?


Hey folks.
I've started a new "Who's Hiring In Tech" podcast that does a brief (max 10 minute) podcast interview that profiles companies who are hiring.

The idea is that job seekers will be able to listen to the interview, hear about your company, your team, what you do and how you do it.

Theoretically it will help you catch the interest of job seekers and inspire them to apply.

You'll be able to post the link to the audio interview anywhere it might help you such as in job ads. You could also email the link to every job applicant you get in a "thanks for applying" job application response email.

I'm looking for founders, CTO's, HR people who would like to be interviewed for the podcast.

It won't cost anything - I'm just wanting to get the podcast started with the first interviews.

If you're interested in having your company profiled let me know at [email protected]

Site is at