April 23, 2019

Who should I follow on Twitter?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Hey indie hackers!

I've spent a long time in the 'testing world' and would love to balance out who I follow to have more indie hackers in my stream of Twitter consciousness.

I would love to follow more of you and get recommendations of who to follow too. Can you help by sharing Twitter profiles and reasons we should follow them? It's totally valid to include yourself too!

I'm rosiesherry - love indie hacking, community building (I am Community Manager at IH), marketing, unschooling mother to 5 in the UK. My main project in the past few years has been building a software testing community, online and via meetups and global conferences.

I think you should all follow:

Over to you!


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    Huh. Turns out I linked to some of James Clear’s content in a productivity tool I recently built, Paul’s Plan (free), without knowing who that was. I’m wondering what he’d think of my technique. Tempted to tweet to him.

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    Wow Rosie, thanks for the mention!

    You stole a few of the indie hackers I would have recommended to follow too, but I'm happy to add a few more (but by no means all)...

    • Rosie first up (and not just because she mentioned me). Rosie's Twitter feed is perhaps the most inspirational indie hacker feed I've come across. It's a really awesome mix of thoughtful advice, interesting business updates, and (most uniquely) a really healthy personal time/family balance too. Definitely something I aspire to.

    • Ryan Kulp (@ryan) is a very successful founder and one of the best marketers I know. He's also the person I follow on Twitter who I disagree with most. A lot of what he tweets is deliberately provocative - but it's good to be challenged. And, when he's right, he's really right.

    • Pat Walls is who I think of when I hear the term indie hacker. He's ruthlessly honest and transparent on Twitter with his mistakes and successes building Starterstory.com (and now a new SaaS app too).

    • Hopefully I can come back and add some more later :)

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      Yikes, Louis. I just realized Ryan Kulp called me "Low IQ" on his blog. Guess he disagrees with me too.

      The crazy thing is that at this point his course is the type I'd be looking at next after finishing and really getting what I can out of 30x500.

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        Yikes, Louis. I just realized Ryan Kulp called me "Low IQ" on his blog. Guess he disagrees with me too.

        Well - I did give a warning that I tend to disagree with him a lot ;)

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          It's all good. I don't tend to take this kind of thing too personally, especially given the extend rants about Medium, politics, etc elsewhere. It sure was a shock to discover, though!

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      Tried following Ryan Kulp, but he hijacked my Twitter feed. He's definitely tweeting too much.

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        He seems to be having a pretty active phase right now yeah.

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    Hey Rosie,

    I'm a big fan of following more unknown people. They often work on pretty impressive projects and just going mostly unnoticed for whatever reason. I've started a little thread for this: https://twitter.com/spekulatius1984/status/1120633613966438404 Maybe you find people are interested in there.


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      Great idea, will have a look at the thread.

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        Cool, I'm extending it as I go. Let me know if you got any suggestions for makers that fit the profile

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    👉 @thisdickie 👈if anyone wants to follow. Try to share all my side projects - tech news, ideas, opinions and Product Management related content. 🙌🏼

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    I tweet about code, startups and previously unthought of end-of-humanity scenarios: twitter.com/whiletrueburn

    Kinda feel bad that I can't think of anyone else to follow... will update this post if I remember someone

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    Wow. Thank you, @rosiesherry! I am so flattered and now feel bad that I don't tweet more often. 😂