Who should I invite to the Indie Hackers Podcast?

I'm always looking for podcast guest suggestions. Who would you like to hear from?

(Ideally they're a bootstrapped founder making over $10k/mo and are willing to share revenue numbers.)

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    I'd love to hear a podcast with Sergio, the indie hacker who is building getmakerlog.com

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      Yes! That'd be amazing! :)

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    You should get @derrickreimer and @r00k (apparently not on IH) from Art of Product - either together or separately.

    Also Steve Shoger and @adamwathan

    And @robhope

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      Would be happy to do it, I don't run a SaaS business (imposter syndrome alert!) but have done close to $3m in ebook/course sales over the last 3 years 👍🏻

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        Adam and Steve a constant source of reference for me. I copy an awful lot from them. Would love to have them on.

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        That would be awesome! I enjoyed the podcasts you were in a lot Adam!

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    I'd love to hear from the folks over at https://www.pocketcasts.com/

    I love their product, and am interested in how they decided to get into the space considering the options available at the time seemed kind of overwhelming.

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    Some who haven't been on yet (AFAIK) and who I'd really like to hear from:

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      🙌🏼 Thank you @louisswiss! Would love to. The last month has been such a step change in my approach to running Scribly. I’ve matured so much in how I am going about things and it would be so great to share my experiences and insights of that process.

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      I second @robfitz - I just read “The Mom Test” and I think essentially all indie hackers would find it massively helpful, but especially the huge number of us who focus on coding and have a hard time having useful conversations with customers

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      Thanks for the <3, @louisswiss!

      Want to hear something wild? @robfitz and I were hometown buddies growing up in South Florida. Such a small world!

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        Hah, yes indeed. I remember playing volleyball and seem to have a vague recollection of you being some sort of riverboat gambling baron. But maybe that second half is imagined. Incidentally, I've been re-reading a bunch of your old articles recently -- they're still best-in-class and hugely useful.

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      Just remembered Brennan has been on already. But the others would be new, I think.

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    Would love to hear from @jonnywhite and @joshanderton on the podcast. Jonny runs Ticket Tailor, a rapidly growing ticketing platform taking on the likes of EventBrite. He's a bootstrapped veteran and I know he has some interesting stories. Josh is slightly newer to the game with Upscribe, a service for embeddable subscription forms. His success in a relatively short amount of time is inspiring and he'd have some great tips on running a successful business alongside a full time job.

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    I would really love to hear from Koichi (https://www.tofugu.com/about/people/koichi) of https://www.tofugu.com/. It is super impressive how he has achieved so much success in a super niche B2C market. As far as I know, he has never done this kind of interview.

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    The CEO of https://www.123formbuilder.com would be a great guest, bootstrapped from $0 to over $5 mil in a industry competing with Google and other multi-million companies

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    I'd be interested in hearing from @dmitryprdude, founder of JustReachOut, which started as a service business but is now a SaaS. He also teaches founders how to get PR and I've found tons of value from his blog - brilliant tactics!

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    Yu-kai Chou, author of the most comprehensive book on gamification ever written, who is now running a profitable membership site that teaches the same framework.

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    The folks from the app Minder, they are doing really well, I know the numbers but I don't know if they are willing to share, please talk to them!


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    I'd love to hear an interview with Jason Fried. (sorry I haven't gone through the archives yet, so maybe you already did)

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    Hi Courtland,

    Please invite the legendary, Jason Calacanis (https://calacanis.com/) . First apologies, I am new to Indie Hackers, and have not gone through the full interview archives yet, so not sure if you have interviewed him already.

    For those of you who don't know, Jason is a serial entrepreneur, and a big proponent of bootstrapped founders, apart from being a famous angel and podcaster.


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