May 22, 2019

Who wants to live in an Indie Hacker House?

Dmitri Kyle Brereton @dkb868

I feel like it would be really cool to have a co-living space for indie hackers. We are the people who we surround ourselves with, so maybe being surrounded by other indie hackers would increase the chances of success.

Would anyone be interested in living with other indie hackers for a few months?


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    Can I bring my kids? If not, I'm in.

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      Gotta start them on that indie hacking path while they're young

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    I’d be down for the idea, I’m a nomad anyway :) so would be really cool to live with other like minded ppl!

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      Oh awesome! Where are you currently located? And would you be able to come to the US?

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        Currently in Vietnam, depending on living cost! Normally live in Australia but since I’m bootstrapping too expensive there

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    This is sick!
    Even for a few weeks, I would def. do it!

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      Good to hear! Where are you currently located?

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    Interested. I move around a lot, give me a good enough excuse and I'll fly wherever :)

    Let me know what we can work on to get this idea fleshed out.

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      Nice to see some interest! All we really need is enough people and a good location. Will probably make a form to gauge interest better and see what the best location would be.

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    Would love to connect with other indie hackers, but I'm from Uruguay, very very far ha.
    But I think that just renting a place and going there to work would be better than just living there.

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      You could always fly out!

      Do you mean like a coworking space?

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        Yeah! A coworking space.

        And that's true.. we are not that far away if you think about it hah!

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    isn't this quite common in "the valley"? I would but can't really with my 3 kids! maybe for a holiday. Actually I have an empty house in the south of france that I've been trying to figure out whether to sell or offer as a holiday home, hmm you got me thinking now...

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      There's hacker houses with people in tech, but not really focused on bootstrapping companies.

      You should def turn that into a hacker house haha

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    Not permanently but I could easily see myself doing it for longer vacations 3 weeks - 4 months.

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      Yeah probably not permanently, but would be a good way to get started.

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    Haha, I'll move there :)

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      let's do it

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    I think there is potential, kinda like an incubator. Personally, I would not be a demographic that would participate.

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      Yeah similar to an incubator I guess but without taking any equity.

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    Not living, too much hassle when a family is involved. Meeting up, working alongside each other, yes.

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      Yeah this would probably be more geared towards beginner founders just getting started.