Design and UX February 9, 2020

Who's a designer & maker? Love to hear about it 🙂👇🏻

Tzeying Cheng @tzeying

Are you a designer (UX, UI, Product, Graphic, Type, etc.) and building out your own side-project / product / company?

Would love to hear about it and meet some fellow designers. Please share below!

Can't wait!

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    I got my start as a designer before learning to code! 👋 Designing things is often one of the more fun parts of working on Indie Hackers.

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      Cool! That's so exciting, I didn't know that.

      Sorry if this seems ignorant, but could you tell me more about how design featured in the creating of Indie Hackers. Which iteration of design is this current version?

      Would love to connect in more detail if you don't mind too!

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        IH has had numerous design iterations, I don't remember all of them. When it started it was just a blog, and the homepage was a grid of posts. At some point I made the homepage into a hybrid of blog articles, podcast episodes, and and tiny section in the top right corner showing the top forum posts. Then in January 2018 I made it so the entire homepage is just the forum. Other pages on the site have changed drastically, too.

        In terms of strategy, probably the biggest role design played was helping IH stand out. Even though it was just a blog, I wanted the site to have a distinct and memorable vibe to it, so I made it dark blue (instead of white), added bright colors on top, and made the home page into a grid of icons instead of a typical vertical list of article titles.

        Would love to connect in more detail if you don't mind too!

        Sure, feel free to email me at [email protected] any time.

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    I'm a UX/UI designer and currently run as a side-business. Unfortunately, I don't know code well enough to utilize it, but thanks to all the great no-code platforms out there, I get by. :)

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      This looks amazing! Can't believe its completely done without code. What was it built with? Webflow?

      How long have you been doing this?

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    I'm a self-taught UI/UX designer (pick up the skills 3 years ago for some reason) @tzeying

    My background in data science and growth marketing allows me to do design systematically. Long story short, now I'm teaching at design bootcamp, mentor startups in UI/UX and build my side project from scratch :) Happy to exchange ideas!

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      Hey! Nice to meet you! Sorry I somehow missed this. Zlides looks amazing! Would definitely love to chat more and exchange ideas. Let me know what's best. If anything, just drop me a DM on twitter!

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    Hi mate !!

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      Hey! Nice to meet you. So, what have you been up to?