May 6, 2019

Who's looking for a cofounder in May 2019?

Courtland Allen @csallen

Being a solo founder is tough. Finding a co-founder who's a good match isn't much easier, but if both of you are on Indie Hackers already, that's a start!

Post below if you're looking for partner or a co-founder. Include things like…

  • your location, or if you're open to a remote partnership
  • whether or not you have an idea, or if you're open to one
  • if you've got an idea, info on how much progress you've made
  • the skills and experience you bring to the table vs what you're looking for
  • your values and goals (cofounders should be aligned on this stuff!)


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    I'm a full-stack Software Engineer currently looking for an interesting project I could into.

    🗺 Location: I'm based in Melbourne, Australia. But would also be open to a remote partnership.

    💡 Idea: I have a few ideas including my recently launched side-project However, I'm also open to any ideas you might be working on.

    👨‍💻 Skills: As a technical team member I can help build and iterate any solution. I have a wide range of experiences which includes frontend, backend, and deployment. If you want to see my recent work you can have a look at I also wrote a few articles at which go over how I built some of the core features.

    🚀 Values: I'm interested in building products that people want. I love coding, but I also love it more knowing what I build will solve real-world problems.

    Happy to team up with non-technical or technical founders. Ping me if you're interested!

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    Im software developer, I've built several project related to gaming, entrepreneurship, sport. I've looking for co-founders for a lot of years and I feel they always lack of entrepreneur education, experience and most of them speaks more than acts. Most of my projects have been done alone but if you re interested in building projects with nothing, you can contact me. I've recently built which does the same mission than your current post :P gl all ^^

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    A friend of mine is a strong non-tech solo founder who would love to find a proper techie partner.

    She's made a surprising amount of progress without a tech team (1 paying customer with 100 employees, 2 or 3 trials with businesses with 200-500 employees, an MVP which isn't perfect but has gotten her in the door. She's got a background in private equity and managing tech teams, so she's a bit more clued in to both the money and product side than most people in her position would be. Based in London but probably open to a remote collaboration.

    She's building software to help prevent and recover from burnout at work and intends to stay in that space, so it would mean shifting ideas toward hers.

    Happy to connect if anyone is interested in chatting. [email protected]

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    I'm a technical guy living in Belgium. Over the past few years I created and launched several side projects (web, mobile) and turned them in to live products. I'm open for a remote partnership and am interested in different kinds of markets.

    I can take full technical ownership of a product as well as bring ideas to the table to further expand or improve it. In the past I worked on mainly web applications (scalable) and mobile (certified by Google for Android, launched 1 Android app with 600k+ downloads and worked on several react-native apps).

    Looking forward to meet you!

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    I am Boston based founder of a B2B services marketplace and looking for a tech co-founder.

    I have an MVP am going live with my Beta client this week. I have domain expertise and my skills are in sales/ marketing/ product commercialization.

    What I am looking for is a dynamic tech expert based out of Boston with expertise in developing services marketplace(s). The individual should care about Customer First, Keeping it Simple, Improving everyday, and earning their keep. If interested, ping me.

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      I am in Boston, 15+ experience in IT, please ping me in skype: sl dot sniffer

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        Will ping you.....was tied up in client meetings

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    I am!

    I am a solo founder starting Retainable ( -- predictive churn analytics for B2B SaaS startups. Churn is a huge hindrance to many saas companies, and I believe that many do not know how to understand the data that is gathered and how to identify WHO will be churning, and why.

    I am based in Austin, TX, totally open to a remote partnership. I am currently building the MVP with freelance developers (which I wrote about here ), and I am working on the marketing site, starting with laying the foundation for organic traffic by putting out content for high volume relevant keywords that I am currently working through.

    I have been working on this full time for about 4 weeks. And looking for a full stack Python developer, ideally with experience with Data Science.

    I'm a full stack digital marketer--spent the past ~4 years leading the marketing team at Jungle Scout where I was one of the first hires (Amazon product research SaaS tool) to be the industry leader in the space--250k customers, grew to 5 stand alone SaaS products and a marketplace, etc, and from a small amount of revenue to a lot (we didn't disclose revenue)....

    1. 1

      Interested to know more about your business model, data acquisition, and how you do insight generation. Are you building a model per customer based on their independent features or do you have some kind of master “churn” model that you score against?

      1. 1

        hey @pbl24, great questions! I do not have definitive answers to everything, still need to validate that this is in fact a viable solution (however I have done extensive research with target customers and experienced the challenge myself, churn is one of the big problems with achieving saas growth ).

        But in short, this is going to be gathering existing historical customer data, analyzing that data, and applying that to the current customer base. so no master churn model per se, but unique to each company, although the baseline data (churn events, subscription billed, etc) help contribute to a universal model. does that make sense? definitely happy to discuss more...

        1. 1

          I hear you. Churn is a huge problem. What type of user interest have you been able to establish? Are most interested businesses in the situation where they are having issues with churn, but don't really know what to do about it? I have a few thoughts on the problem if you're interested in reaching out.

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    Hi, ideally I’m looking for help on the business/strategy/sales/marketing side of things for my project: Best way I have to describe it is that it’s a tool/platform for productivity/‘mindfulness’. Would also consider a tech co-founder too though.

    Most important for me is someone who has similar interests/outlook on life. You should get a good get a good idea of mine by looking at my website.

    I’m a software engineer, pretty good writer, yoga/meditation enthusiast and have some basic knowledge of marketing/business. Based in Ireland and open to remote partnering.

    I have a physical product and a mobile app built with react native that’s still in the early stages. I have plans to improve the app, build a web-app and add more physical products.

    Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested. Thanks :)

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    I'm a seed-focused venture investor based in Chicago. I'm concurrently building an MVP for a healthcare project.

    😷 Problem: There are big gaps in the care continuum for brain diseases. Caregiver's stress is high, dementia patients have little understanding of what's happening, social services workers are overutilized and underpaid.

    🏥 Product: Building a caregiver tracking tool for patients with cognitive degenerative diseases.

    💪 Skills: I'm well versed in digital marketing, sales, strategy, and fundraising. My technical skills are limited to SQL and Python, so looking for help developing a robust solution.

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      Please, ping me in skype: sl dot sniffer

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    Location: I can work remotely. Based out of India.
    Idea: I'm open to work on an existing idea.
    Skills: I'm a tech serial entreprenuer, I have started 3 businesses in the past, one of which was acquired by a TripAdvisor funded company. I'm currently on my 4th venture that I started last year, I'm proud to say that, I have automated 95% of my business and in last 8 months, it has generated $49,500 in revenue. Currently, I spend less than 30 minutes on it to make sure everything is running smoothly.

    I now have time to solve another business problem and make money in the process. My expertise is tech, I've spent the last 9 years working with hundreds of designers and developers, creating complex web and mobile applications.

    Do you have an idea and are looking for a tech co-founder? I can help
    Email: [email protected]

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    I'm a Senior Web Developer (full stack) interested in working on a project.

    Location: Kansas City, MO

    Idea: I do not currently have an idea I am working on, although I could float some.

    Skills: I have done extensive work in building proprietary applications integrating with the cloud, specifically AWS.

    Values: Whatever I work on, I am going to work on to the fullest. I'm genuinely interested in building something useful and valuable.

    I look forward to working with you. Message me if interested.

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      Experience with Laravel and/or Vue?

      I have something you would likely be interested in.

      1. 1

        Both extensively on a daily basis.

        1. 1

          We should definitely talk.

          Email: [email protected]

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    I need someone non-technical but good with sales/marketing who could help me with my idea:

    • I am UK based
    • I do have idea, have MVP working
    • I am looking for someone who could help with marketing, support etc. I am happy to do concentrate on code (design is being outsourced).
    • I'm working full time and have family. I am not in my 20's (waaay older)... I do not need to get rich quick (but don't mind it). I'm working on this project in my free time and I do not have much of it.
      Don't know what should I say more TBH... email me/respond to this post if you have any questions. Happy to answer!
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    Any full stack developers (with database knowledge) interested in the mental health space?
    Shoot me a PM or comment.
    There's a mobile app I'm working on and could use some help :)

    1. 1

      Hey, are you still looking? Let me know pls.

      1. 1

        hi mac, I'll shoot you an email

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    Me! I'm a UX Designer at a point where I am realizing my weaknesses and need assistance getting to the next level.

    Location: San Diego County, California. Open to remote US partnerships.

    Idea: My app is currently in beta. -- a service that captures your teams best ideas when they matter most.

    Skills: UX designer by trade, can write some front-end code as well. Have learned a good deal of project management by outsourcing my project over the last year.

    Looking for: I'm open to a CEO who is sales minded who can help me grow and get new companies on the platform. Bonus points for marketing prowess. Also looking for a CTO to help take over the development efforts (but the bulk of the heavylifting is done)

    Values/Goals: Incubie recognizes that companies are becoming more collaborative, flattened environments. As such, it provides a space for everyone to ideate around ideas so that decision makers have the ability to decide what the best ideas are from both team members and users.

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    Hi everyone! I'm located in the Boston metro area. I'd prefer a local partner.
    I'm currently building a next-generation stateful serverless platform. I have all the technical skills and experience to code all of it (Front-end to OS bootloader).
    I've been working on Warpdrive for about 9 months. I've written proofs of concept for each technical risk. I'm about 40% through stitching all the pieces parts together into an MRP (minimum remarkable product) which I intend to release on 7/12/19.

    I would love to find a co-founder who could help me with the business end of things. I have detailed plans for the next few years of releases and business activity.

    I'd be happy to speak to anyone whose interested in helping me out: [email protected].


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    Seeking a technical co-founder.

    1. NYC - but open to remote partnership

    2. I already have an idea - a B2B sales relationship intelligence tool for the construction industry

    3. Built the initial prototype using Currently at $5.1K MRR. Used to be at $7.6K (nov 2018) but experienced technical hurdles which resulted in churn. Stopped sales entirely. Re-building the entire application. Launching alpha end of month.

    4. I'm an entrepreneur. Have been building businesses since 2001 (food e-commerce, construction b2b marketplace). Currently seeking a technical co-founder w/ familiarity on: RoR, PostreSQL, GraphQL, React, TypeScript, Apollo, Blueprint.

    5. Don't have any intentions on seeking VC capital for this business. Looking to work with someone smart, honest, and self aware. Must be a great communicator - as I find miscommunication to be the source of most failed partnerships/projects. I believe in automation before throwing money at the problem i.e. hiring. Someone who can own the entire tech stack while also balancing business needs. I believe working sanely (<40 hrs/wk)

    1. 1

      I'm a full-stack engineer who recently returned to NYC and am looking to potentially bootstrap something. Would love to chat, see what you've been up to, and see if I can be of some help!

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    I'm looking for multiple co-founders to take to next level

    Okay with remote

    Skillets: Tech 1st Co-founder, Marketing 2nd one

    Progress so far: Web platform built, Mobile apps 80% done. Have got few hundred users

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    I'm working on to help companies make employee on-boarding effective and delightful. Looking for a CTO, open to remote partnership. Message me if interested

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    Hey, I am Darshak( from India, I have MVPs for product which is specific to sending reminders to people for their events like Car Service, Insurance payment, Birthday or any such event , could be used for B2B , B2C. Need guidance in terms of revenue generation

    1. 1

      Sounds interesting.
      How can we try your product MVP?

      1. 1

        Hello, thanks for showing interest. Here is the link you can download android version. , most focus was on mobile first , web based not yet ready

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    • Cochin, India - Open for remote positions.
    • I am open to ideas.
    • I am web application developer looking for technical/non-technical co-founder
    • Goal: Whatever you create, make the life of the user easier.
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    I'm looking for a remote co-founder for Quote Genius ( an inspirational quote media generator for social media that I launched 2 months ago.

    The mvp helped me confirm the idea and I already have some customers. I tried to sell the product via 1kprojects and got a few offers motivating me to grow the project.

    I have a backlog of features that I would like to implement but would like to have a digital marketing expert helping me grow the project.

    I would like to implement things like SEO, content marketing and adwords the right way so if that's something you really know how to do I'm up for it.

    My expertise is on the development side and I would love to "exchange skills" with you. So I'm willing to teach you how to code and how the app works if you teach me how you are growing the app.

    The goal is to leave the project working and have it bring a passive income. I'm offering a 8020 split on the profits and the opportunity to learn coding. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested!

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    LA & Chicago, open to a remote partnership

    Surprise Date Night Concierge - Have had a few customers, bootstrapped.

    I'm good at lead-gen, but there's more demand than I can handle at the moment so it's time to become better with operations/event planning/product.

    I'd love to chat if you're interested in the dating space (keeping couples together)

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    I am a designer and product manager who writes HTML, CSS, and a bit of React. I’m one of the first few employees at where I’ve helped the business grow from a few transactions per month to many millions in GMV per month. I’ve got plenty of Ecommerce experience but would like to gain more experience in a SaaS business. I’m looking to partner with someone on a side project. I have some ideas of my own and am open to others ideas as well. Based in Chicago and very open to remote partnership. I value working with people that are proactive, customer-focused, data-informed, and who believe in the importance of great UI and UX.

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      I have something you would be very interested in.

      Email: [email protected]

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