Building in Public November 28, 2020

Who's your favourite person to follow who is Building in public?


Who is your favourite person to follow who is building in public?

Some of my personal favourites are

Fabrizio and Francesco — Building mailbrew
AnTheMaker — builds all sorts of cool projects

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      🙏 Thank you, I post on Twitter about my journey working on

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      Oh hi, thanks for the mention!🙏

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      Thanks for sharing! I've only just started my Building in Public journey and I'm also looking for best accounts for inspiration and to learn from. I've followed so many accounts that Twitter has actually restricted my account temporarily lol but I'll follow these as soon as I can.

      Mine is @alejandrovbeta1 in case anyone is interested to follow along my journey.

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      That's an awesome list

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    It has to be my own profile

    Just kidding 😛. I've a long way to go.

    One person I totally admire and love on tweeter is
    Anne-Laure Le Cunff

    She inspired to me to build in public. Must must follow her.

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    Pieter shares interesting stuff all the time -

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      Yes, always blowing my mind haha

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