Learning to Code September 25, 2020

Why Are You Learning To Code?


Do you have an idea that you're excited to build, yourself?

Is it for the career opportunities?

Is it to survive better as a non-technical professional working in tech?

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    to become a more complete marketer

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      Interesting! What particular coding skills are you pursuing? Like, do you see certain skills as particularly useful to learn as a marketer?

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        @mizkirsten from my viewpoint, having data analytics as a skill is highly useful for marketers. this means they have the ability to manipulate and understand marketing data and use it to drive next-best-step business decisions

        this year ive invested about 300 hours into learning a couple of languages. which help with analytics:

        1. javascript
        2. R (a statistical programming language)

        what have you got going on, coding-wise?

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          I've been an "armchair" developer for a really long time. I know the usual HTML, CSS, then PHP, Javascript, MySQL, and Go.

          Javascript is the one that I'm looking to level up. I've always learned just enough to do what I want to do, and it's usually as part of a framework (Angular to be specific). I'd like to master Javascript on its own.

          Something else that has always beckoned from afar is Python! But I have to control myself and not take on too much :D

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            way cool about your desire to master javascript...what do you hope to achieve with javascript mastery? super curious

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              Because the frontend of my app runs on a Javascript framework (Angular+Ionic), I really feel that having that core mastery of JS itself will make my life a lot easier.

              Also, being solid in JS means that shifting to a different framework in the future (like React + Ionic, or Flutter, etc.) will be a much lighter lift for me.

              Finally, it means that if Node.js ever becomes the better option for something I'm doing, it won't feel intimidating.

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    I learned to code after quitting my first job in corporate America. Realized I wasn't cut out for the "profit by any means" attitude and set out to work for myself. I always had ideas for apps and figured even if my apps weren't successful, I could always transition into a software development career.

    tl;dr: Learned/learning to code as a means to support myself.

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      Are you learning anything new at the moment?

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        Every project I work on usually includes some new tech/tool I haven't gotten to use before but have been wanting to try out. In my current project I learned to use stripe connect to facilitate payments for a marketplace.

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    I got hooked when I tried.

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      Are you learning something right now?

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          What are you learning? I want details, details! ;-)

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            Well, is a bit of everything...

            I am working on my newsletter and wickedtemplates so...

            On the newsletter I learn about newsletters stuff

            Then on wickedtemplates.com I am deeply learning Tailwind by rebuilding the site completely with Tailwind CSS...

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              Cool cool :) I've been seeing a lot about Tailwind—will have to find out what all the excitement is about. Like many, I am both grateful for and hate CSS, ha!

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                Well, I have been using Bulma for years and it is too opinionated...
                Tailwind is CSS but productive.

                I really enjoy CSS too though is super fun.

                Excitement? I guess is just thanks to marketimg...

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    I enjoy doing it for fun! And I'm always learning, so I never loose my skills, and keep up with the latest technologies! 😊

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      Nice :) What's your favorite source(s) for seeing what's new and picking something to learn? Do you then follow a tutorial?

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        Twitter, and subscribe to newsletters about Javascript, Python, Vue.js, React. etc

        Tutorials are hard for me to follow, I get half way through, then just give up and try to build from scratch until I get it 😅.

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    Partly fun. Partly taking some old skills and positioning myself to move back into the workplace.

    Background - out of university, back in the early 2000's, I was a software engineer, developing mainly in C as part of large infrastructure (communications software) coding projects. Did a bit of coding, bit of design, a bit of system test, and a bit more in Level 3 support, and a longish chunk as interop manager negotiating testing and bug fixes to stick to protocols (mainly SIP and MGCP) alongside our partners. I've got a good knowledge of C as part of a big project, and some of python as a test script language and other bits and pieces (perl, unix, basic scripting). I understand the abstract concepts of programming. But I don't really have any end-user like skills.

    I left the industry when I had kids, have now been home educating full-time for 14 years, and am finally getting (small amounts of) free time that I can turn towards my own projects and/or earning an income. I'm blogging around homeschooling in Wordpress and have some ideas for developing a home ed planning/record keeping app off of that (maybe to sell, maybe as a scratch-my-own-itch); or I'd be quite happy doing a bit of coding as work for hire.

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      Oh, I'm seeing this now. So you can ignore my question over in the other post 😁

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