Why do you use IndieHackers?

Just curious to know why and how do people use IndieHackers site?

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    I'm here because I genuinely enjoy helping/contributing to others. About 10% is promoting my own startup but other users are not my target demographic so I don't think I'll get any customers from this community.
    Bottom line, this is a very positive community with very few "flame wars" or "trolls".

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      100% one of the best communities it is active but doesn't have trolls.

      Also the average knowledge of startups is pretty high due to the podcast and where the audience comes from.

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    Love helping new founders when I can.

    I enjoy the stories as well, probably why I listen to 10+ bootstrapped podcasts :)

    I also share my product when appropriate.

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    This place is a very supportive community with no trolls and toxic comments.
    Many ideas from posts, interviews, and podcasts are inspired me.

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    Particularly, to stay motivated and inspired.
    More like a collaborative social motivation for me to keep going!

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    As a new founder, I selfishly get a lot out of the wisdom more experienced entrepreneurs share here. I also like the sense of community and positive vibes here and other places like Product Hunt.

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    Tremendously great vibes and laser focused community. I managed to find a lot of inspirations and connected with great people :)

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    I swear this question comes up like twice a week. smh.

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      Would you be able to link some questions here? I would be great to some other answers as well

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    1. Learn from other more successful indie makers / founders / entrepreneurs
    2. Get some inspiration from time to time
    3. Share advice and what I know based on my experience
    4. Ask for advice and share stuff I'm building
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    1. See what everyone else is doing.
    2. To be inspired by the stories, journeys, and creativity.
    3. I like what Indie Hackers stands for.
    4. Listen to the podcasts.
    5. Daily reminder to keep moving forward with my own projects.
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    Pretty much here to get inspiration from other people starting up, and seeing what works and does not work.
    A small percentage to promote my product of course.
    But also love to engage with people.

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