March 9, 2019

Why hunting for Jobs when you can earn more as a maker !

Steve NDENDE @AndroidGuru

I spent a month building this Movies App

and after 2 months i am making around $10 everyday. i forecast $1000 per month from October/November 2019.

The good thing with this one is that i did absolutely no advertising, i worked hard on its PlayStore description optimization to keep it in top 10 of commonly used keywords such as "Hollywood movies" "movies 2019" "films 2019" "hollywood 2019" etc...

Buddies, invest in Adwares, it's pretty good

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    hi @Lavone ! Making Advertising apps is just a part time passion but i have an other Startup dealing with Ecommerce through Facebook in my hometown. however i'm a freelancer android and web developer. i make a living of this job but i just recently started earning with Google after understanding all the tricks of PlayStore and Admob. i'm now in Adsense since 18 months and started making much money only from January 2019

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      Are you interested in a project or partnership? I have a great idea for app.

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        sure bro, i like remote partnerships. tell me

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          Its a clock app but with a secret extra features. Could you build an android clock app (alarm, stopwatch, etc...)? In your interested I'll send you an email.

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    Nice! I'm jealous. I just started a tshirt design website. On a scle of 1-10 how good are you in making android apps?