Why I chose PayPal checkout over Stripe

I needed a global payments solution for my recent project, https://luckyresumemaker.com. I used Stripe in the past, but it lacks support for many countries, and the payment flow varies greatly depending on country. That’s when I noticed PayPal had released a checkout integration similar to Stripe. I ended up integrating PayPal checkout and am really happy:

  • It supports more countries than Stripe.
  • Less friction than Stripe, because existing PayPal users don’t need to locate or enter card/bank information.
  • PayPal offers a credit (pay later) option, but pays merchants immediately.
  • Good UX. The integration renders a form on my page rather than taking users to a separate page like Stripe Checkout.

I’m really happy with it as I’ve already had payments from countries which aren’t supported by Stripe.

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    paypal has a history of freezing people money I'll never trust them with my hard earned income

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      Do you have any details on this?

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        They freeze your account for example to ask you for identification documents.

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          I mean Stripe froze my account until I provided some documents. How is that bad or unusual in Paypal's case?

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    Stripe is a much more trustworthy company in my experience, and since these kind of integrations are time consuming and hard I wouldn't go near PayPal honestly! Happy to hear you had a different experience though.

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    PayPal literally froze my account 2 weeks ago because they wanted some "more" verification documents - but their email went to spam. Good thing I only had $20 in it!

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    I'am from Argentina and somehow this relieves me such as Stripe does not support this country, so for one project, I'm creating I'll have to use Paypal.

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      Nice to see another Argentine! You can create a LLC from here and have all the benefits of stripe.

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    Hi Alex, thanks for sharing this with us!

    I wonder if the credit card payment is just as straightforward as Stripe? I'm just curious because I never integrated PayPal myself.

    I think it is very important to offer PayPal as a payment option that's why I will integrate it in Independly in any case. Your post makes me wonder if I even need Stripe in addition or if PayPal makes it completely redundant.

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      Yes, card payment is straightforward. Simply click "Download PDF" on luckyresumemaker.com and you'll see the payment buttons. Click the credit/debit card option and you'll see it displays a credit card form.

      I don't have the "Pay Later" option enabled, but if it is enabled PayPal also shows a button to "Pay Later" where the customer can pay without having money, on credit.

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        Your implementation looks pretty smooth! Great example, thanks :)

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    No Stripe or Paypal in Turkey. 😭

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    It would be really nice to offer PayPal on my site.. last I checked (4 years ago..) looked impossible for me to figure out. Hopefully they have hired some non technical people to write their documentation.

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    I'd be curious about the difference in fees though. Paypal has to be higher right?

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    Cool, thanks for sharing!

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    Interesting. When did PayPal release this checkout integration?

    My problem is that stripe doesn’t just handle payments. It’s a complete subscription management service so I don’t think I could use anything except it.

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      PayPal also offers subscription management. I just had a quick look at the docs but in practice, I have no experience with it. Have you already compared this to Stripe? Are there important features missing?

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    Choosing the right payment gateway can be tricky so today we're comparing PayPal versus stripe to help make your decision that much easier for both.

    PayPal and stripe it's super easy to set up a business account.

    All you need is your name business address and either your employer identification number or your social security number.

    Then you are ready to start collecting payments. A big difference between the payment gateways is how users collect payments PayPal allows its users to accept payments online without using a credit card.

    It also has the ability to accept credit card payments.

    If it user desires stripe on the other hand is known primarily for allowing users to accept credit card payments.

    it's especially popular for companies who saw recurring subscriptions or memberships security as a big concern for organizations and the good news is that PayPal and stripe both take this very seriously.

    PayPal is PCI compliant and offers 24/7 fraud monitoring dispute resolution and chargeback and you can buy advanced fraud protection features.

    Stripe is also PCI compliant and offers dispute resolution and chargebacks they also have more advanced fraud monitoring and detection tools next you may be wondering about transaction fees.

    The transaction fees that PayPal and stripe are nearly identical they both charged 2.9 percent plus a 30 cent fee but once the difference between the two is around their charge-back policy be sure to keep an eye out for this one.

    Lastly, let's talk about our favorite part which is getting paid PayPal offers immediate payouts for free.

    If you link to your bank account and the funds are usually deposited into your account within 1 or 2 business days with stripe there are no fees and fewer restrictions than with PayPal.

    But they only offer two-day payouts.

    I hope this might help you to solve your queries.

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