November 12, 2019

Why I created another File Transfer Platform. MiDrive Transfer

Tobi Ogunwande @tobby123

As an independent filmmaker. One of my films had gotten into a film festival and the festival needed me to send a downloadable copy of my film. There was just a little problem. Even though my film file size was around 2G, internet is slow in this part of my world. Of Course I had no choice but I was wrong if this was my only problem. I immediately decided to use WeTransfer for obvious reasons. I uploaded my film ( if the film size was more than 2G, that would have been another problem because it meant I would have to upgrade to a paid plan to send my film), got the download link and emailed it to the festival.

9 days later, the festival reached out and said I had to resend the film as my download link had expired! The truth is that this was the 4th time this particular thing had happened to me and I just wondered what it would cost the known file transfer platforms to give a little more latitude for the basic subscriber. I decided to build a better alternative. And so the idea for MiDrive Transfer was born.

Less than a month later, MiDrive is live!!! Give it a spin and honestly tell me what you think about it.

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    Nice! So it's WeTransfer with a longer expire limit?

    UI is great. Hope it does well.

    1. 1

      Very correct. It's a WeTransfer alternative with not just longer expire limit but all other features that are premium features on WeTransfer are free.

      Glad you liked the UI.

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    Good job. hopefully this ramps up users, let us know how it goes in the next months, I am subscribing hoping to see you succeed :)

    1. 2

      Definitely. I hope to begin writing about its progress soon enough. Will be sure to keep you and the community in the loop. Thanks for the believe!!

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    Hi Tobi.

    Excellent interface, btw, how you'll handle multiple people uploading files without charging them?

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      Good point. Well, right now, we just quickly whipped up an MVP real quick to validate the idea but we are already strategizing about that. We have quite a few options but mainly, we are considering paid upgrades eg team access, customized links, customizable download pages etc. Glad you love the interface!

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    Very good! I enjoyed the gif after transfer completed (young kid at soccer match, perhaps) 😂

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      Hahahaha. Glad you loved the gif.