Why I Love VueJS

I'm diving deep into the software aspect of Home Unknown, and I really wanted to give a shout-out to VueJS, which I built the site in.

Now, I'm no programming expert. I started with Wordpress, but couldn't get much into the hard coding aspect of it (until recently). I've done some programming classes, and I've built some projects in PHP, Python, etc.

But my goodness is VueJS such a pleasure to program in.

It's so intuitive and simple. It's so easy to break down files into components and pass data, or create state management with Vuex. There's nothing that I feel like I can't do with it - even with my limited knowledge.

VueJS has allowed me to really fulfill my goals of becoming a creator. I'd never consider myself a real programmer because to me code is simply a means to an end.

I know I don't write the best code, it's not the most functional... or whatever flaws I may have.

But wow, has this framework made is to easy to just CREATE something. I'm eternally gratefully for discovering it.

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    I agree completely. It’s such a pleasure coding using VueJS. I built a couple of single page projects, latest one is https://flatga.io

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      I'd like to get more into back-end, but Vue + Firebase makes things so way that I just keep making stuff!

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