Self Care November 21, 2020

Why I made Dendri

Rich Frankel @Khidr9

Hey all, I've been on IH for a long time with another project, but never really posted much about my own story, and with 2020 drawing to a close and a beta finally out the door, I've been thinking a lot about the mental health benefits of why I started this.

Getting sick in January, I knew something had to change. I have 2 kids under 9 and, with no prior warning or illness, I almost had to say goodbye. I'm standing on the far-side of 2020, and by now, that feels like it was a decade ago. When I got sick I got real serious about my processes. So much of my firm was centered on me that it was just pure grit and force of will by my associates that the place kept running. And I would never go back to 100-hour weeks.

So, I made Dendri to help my firm and other service businesses hack their workflows and make it easier for teams to work together even when they organize the world differently. We have a long way to go, but now that folks are coming in for the beta I can't wait to see what comes next. What I know is, for me, this startup is my mental health. It's my left turn from running a very busy law firm that was running me into the ground, and whether anyone ever uses it like I do or not, this year has been deeply satisfying for parts of my brain that had gone a little soft over the years.

Anyone else get into their startup or side project to reach a better work life balance?

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    So much of what you said resonates. At some point it's either grind and brute force, or figuring out another way.

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