Newsletter Crew January 13, 2021

Why I really enjoy sharing thoughts with my tiny audience group?

Felix Wong @felix12777

I started Virtual Mojito Live 6 months ago and I will make sure that my subscribers receive the latest insights, tools, and founder stories about the virtual event industry every 2 weeks.

I see many writers are demanding and constantly seeking ways to increase the number of subscribers. I get it. I like to see the numbers increase too.

But I decided to focus on curation and writing. I rarely promote my newsletter, and most subscribers opted from my website organically or through recommendations.

My motivation?

This is indeed based on my personal interest in this industry. Nothing is directly related to my work. But I am very happy to gather hundreds of like-minded readers who also like the essence of virtual experience.

How do I maintain the newsletter?

6 months in, I gathered a total of 278 readers, of which about 45% read every 2 weeks. I tend to grow steadily, not rockets. Every new subscriber notification makes me smile.

Do I use any tools?

I write on Substack, and use Airtable to store all related materials so that I can view them every two weeks. Some content is provided by my members on the website via a Typeform - Zapier workflow, so I rarely lack ideas.

If you are just starting to create a newsletter. Try to prioritize your creation rather than growth. Avoid limiting yourself, such as "Hey, I need 100 subscribers to start my first email", "Where can I find the sponsorship of my 10 subscriber newsletters"

Don't stop creating.

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    Good advice, Thanks!

  2. 2

    I like your approach. Having something you want to say seems like a good starting point for a newsletter (rather than wanting 1000 or 10,000 subscribers, but not knowing what to say to them). To me that also looks like good, solid growth too, and I like the collaborative aspects.

    1. 1

      It’s my pleasure. Appreciate your support!

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