Why I'm Launching My Newsletter 🤔

With the new year comes new responsibilities of completing the resolution :p

Short story

This newsletter is about me building Creatosaurus in public and sharing my learnings, processes and actionable steps on the way, starting with product management, growth hacking, community building and startups.

Long story

Last year was no less than a roller coaster ride and in that ups and downs learnt a lot of things, and thus thought of getting back to my original thing of sharing my perspective but somehow couldn’t make it.

Before moving further, a not so brief background about myself, I have been sharing the things that I read, learn, listen or any other type of knowledge acquiring method, It started in 2013 when I was in my 11th grade as a classroom activity started by our class teacher and then it continued and transformed into my project called Yolo Clóud (more on that later). I used to share my learnings with schoolmates for 2 years and then for next 2 years with my college friends, these were like public speaking sessions in the classrooms and domains were random (pretty much I used to say the same things that I read a day before that) and yes I bored them all…😅 and if anybody found them worth then do let me know, appreciate your dedication and efforts of going through them😬

As I was building a community platform with Yolo Clóud I kind of inclined towards community building. I shifted to Pune for my computer graduation in 2015 and since then have been attending meetups and then becoming part of those community and also leading the chapters as well. Thus I started meeting folks and made really good friends in the process and learnt & shared a lot of information with the community more about community building in another post.
ImgurI don’t have any photo from the school days of me interacting but I found an OKish photo from my college days which was my pretty much the last time I went up on the podium and shared my perspective, google photos says it’s from 15th Feb 2017, so let’s keep that as the date (and I think it’s M3 most probably in case if you get it), I used to call them Malav’s Morning Mantra and now looking back the name seems kind of lame but anyways moving on, in that 4 years of working on Yolo Clóud I started recording those sessions and published on YouTube and wrote articles on my Facebook Page but it kind of all stopped in my 3rd year of college as I was transitioning from Yolo Clóud to Creatosaurus a full-fledged startup, Ecell, hackathon, YouTube and not to forget my computer engineering. I guess I could write a dedicated post for Malav’s Morning Mantra sharing my learnings and insights.

I started vlogging on my channel in that same period and then after 1 year of doing very inconsistently I thought of building in public, I posted documenting my life vlog on 22nd June 2019 and started sharing my journey through my vlogs.

Vlogs on YouTube consumed a tremendous amount of time and efforts. It was like an on and off thing for a couple of times and then I stopped vlogging but deep down I always wanted to get back to my original thing of sharing my perspective but was waiting for something I don’t know what, you know it’s like we always wait for the perfect time to do something, I guess I was waiting for the same but that’s a story for some another day… spent last 2 months figuring out what exactly I’ll be doing, sharing and most important thing of all medium of communication and at last new year seemed like a perfect time with a resolution to continue growing and building the community 😉

Now fast-forward to today, this newsletter is a story about my journey building Creatosaurus in public. In the last three years, I searched a lot to learn online and believe me a lot but one common problem I found was that there were no easy actionable steps or processes or todos for the subject matter, all the resources are like if you want to do content marketing then write an article, do SEO, this and that, all the things which basically which we all can know by reading a couple of articles online and thereafter the same points start popping up in all the other articles but what I needed were more of inside information of actual steps others are implementing or tricks and tips or insights or outcome-oriented frameworks or some compiled unique information and not the generalised steps which we can even figure out in the course of time but to get going fast needed some high-level but simple executable steps.

I needed more process-oriented actionable steps which I can easily and actually implement and execute thus for that I ended up with a lot of bookmarks and a hell lot of archives. This newsletter is about all my learnings and resources complied in framework and steps which can be easily implemented, starting with product management, growth hacking, community building and startups but the most important thing out of all is that these processes or steps will be the things that I have implemented or will be implementing for Creatosaurus, thus will be completely transparent and unlike other articles will be more personalised and compiled so that you can also easily execute them for your own project.

I found writing as a very efficient method of communication for me unlike round tables or sessions or vlogs for that matter and thus started this newsletter. Hoping to write consistently and get better at it✌🏻

So this is my resolution and responsibility. Whats’s your resolution? Comment down below your resolution and let's work on them together:)

Wishing you all a very happy and a prosperous year ahead.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and take care.

Till then remember you only live once, see you guys in the next one 😎

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