Why isn't podcasting in every newsletter tech stack?

Lot's of newsletters will produce podcasts, but they're usually different content.
Substack makes it easy for newsletter writers to voice over their own writing so that their subscribers can listen.

Why isn't there a service that automatically converts newsletters into podcasts using AI? Does this make more sense for writers or for subscribers?

(Disclosure, I'm launching this product tomorrow lol)

Does this sound like something that you would use?
  1. Heck Yeah
  2. No Way
  1. 2

    Would newsletter text formatting be the right kind of medium to turn into a podcast?

    1. 1

      Its the only option for newsletters whose authors dont already produce podcasts. What other options are you thinking?

  2. 2

    Most of the text to speech that I've used is pretty trash not going to lie.

    1. 1

      Have you seen WaveNet or Polly? They're really cheap and pretty solid. WellSaidLabs is amazing but quite expensive.

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