March 13, 2019

Why should I choose you? In 3 bullets.

Dimitris Kotsakos @dimkots

I've seen many pitch-practicing threads and many great replies for IH products here. However, not many of them include reasons why the product is better than the competition. Let's practice here.

Please let me know in three bullets why are you better than the competition. (And the respective link to your product of course)


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    This isn't a pitch for an angel investor. It's a pitch for devs to invest a tiny fraction of their disposable income in learning a language and framework with the productivity of Rails and the scalability of Erlang.

    • Long-form project-based screencasts for Elixir learners
    • The first 100+ videos are free on YouTube (where you can see overwhelmingly positive comments)
    • Only Alchemist.Camp offers either of the above
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      Perfect! Thanks a lot @alchemist! Be it investors or end users, people always have to choose, it's either you or another service! Great pitch points there! Good luck in attracting all devs :D

      (You definitely got me ;-))

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    My landing page is built that way

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      Hi! Thanks for the reply! I didn't get the comment though, care to elaborate? Or provide a link to your landing page?