Twitter October 13, 2020

Why Twitter influencers should make an audio course

Charlotte Zhao @brainfoodinator

Hello to some of the brightest, most entertaining minds out there 👋

Twitter is a huge rabbit hole. I follow quite a few of you, and I end up scrolling like 50 miles just reading thoughts of those building in public.

I'm here to say that an audio course could be a great way to share content and monetize your tweets.

Voicing out your tweets is just like sharing your voice notes isn't it? Just a tad more in-depth.

Firstly, What exactly is an audio course?

  • Think of it like a premium podcast except with better monetization.
  • If podcasts + online courses had a baby = audio courses.

1. If you’re an aspiring content creator: You’re already sharing knowledge and built a following - why not monetize it?

  • You probably get loads of DMs, and an audio series is a way to address those questions in a more in-depth manner.
  • Since you’ve gained that credibility, your followers would be happy to consume your audio content since they trust you and your judgement.
  • You already share tips on your expertise through Twitter, why not expound on them through an audio series?

2. If you have an online course: It's an additional income stream for you (and who doesn’t want that?)

  • It doesn’t hurt to try. If you’re going to make courses, might as well go all out on multiple mediums and see which works best for your community.
  • It'll be easier to market given your credibility + existing course.
  • You're catering to those on the go, and your followers will thank you for it.
  • If you have a video course- just simply take video out if it lends well by itself!

3. If you have a podcast: audio courses are a better way to monetize your content.

  • Monetizing with podcasts is hard; getting sponsors is harder.
  • You're helping your community since monetizing incentives them to consume the content even more.
  • Premium podcasts are hard to monetize from, especially if you want a consistent stream of income (not just donations on Patreon).
  • Your content is valuable — you've spent 10 years mastering your craft, so why are you giving it all for free?

Whether you're an aspiring course creator, or someone who has an online course or podcast already, there are plenty of reasons to make an audio series.

But the main idea here is that audio is the easiest and fastest way to talk about your passion (and earn while doing it!)

. . .

If you wanna gain more insight on this or listen in-depth through a mini podcast, we got you covered here!

Happy creating everyone! x

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