May 17, 2019

Why we acquired a SaaS learning platform and how we set it up for success by rebranding it.

Levon Terteryan @Levon


We are changing the world by giving more people the skills and tools to build beautiful apps without code. To help spread the knowledge — we acquired a successful learning SaaS platform. Now we work hard to make it the absolute best place to learn how to do amazing things without code.

Learn more about why we do it, and how exactly we planned and executed every step from just thinking about it, all the way to launching on Product Hunt.

Lots of practical advice and explanations for you to see what it took us and what we learned while doing it.

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    Just took a look at your templates.. holy cow!

    1. 1

      I take it you liked what you saw :) thanks !

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        Yeah! I'm trying to explore but the site is being really slow.. don't know if that's just on my end or what.

        Any plans for a community site with features like IH (at least in terms of comment system, profiles and posting?)?

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          Hi, for community sites - we have a few templates that might work:


          and some others might fit, depending on what exactly you try to build.