Growth July 15, 2020

Why we do not run Facebook Ads anymore, or how i growth hacked my competitors Ads [Real-life Example]

Emin Aliyev @eminfaliyev
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    I’m sorry but your article is wrong. You can see those numbers only for ads about social issues, elections or politics.

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      I’m sorry but your article is wrong. You can see those numbers only for ads about social issues, elections or politics.

      Not here in the US, you can still browse for ads from competitors it seems...

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        Yeah you can see their creatives but you can’t see spending, targeting, etc.

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    Hey Emin,

    Facebook ads are really tricky & I disagree with one point that whoever has the most money wins. Incorrect. I am a performance marketer & have been running campaigns for startups & small businesses. Check out this screenshot:-

    Here there is a spend of 8$ & sales of 196$ post conversion. The targeting & the way you do the ads matter, I never look at the competition when it comes to whom they are targeting. We can definitely look at their ads for inspiration but Facebook is massive. You need to figure out such niche interests where there will be no one competing & you driving the purchases. Also, this is just not a one-off example, I have been able to do it for some other brands as well.

    P.S - I worked on a Video Course as well on Facebook Ads Targeting' . Do check out if it helps. Link:


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      Can you help drive leads to us ?

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        I definitely can. DM. You can message me on twitter :)

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    Hey Emin,

    Maybe you could give us a break down on how you're running your ads?

    I understand that Facebook ads can be tricky, but if you're strategically applying the fundamentals of DR copywriting and testing different angles, copies, and creatives it shouldn't be that hard to profit.

    Wrote a detailed article on FB ads strategy here:

    Hope it helps!

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    You spent $1948 and concluded that Facebook ads do not work, you also mention that "your competitors can easily hack your marketing strategy and target audience". Both these are absurd claims. The ads library has been around for almost a year now FYI, this is nothing new.

    Sorry but almost everything you wrote about is simply false, you are running a consumer faced app but providing ads library screenshots of political campaigns.

    The icing on the cake is the alternative solution you are presenting; which is simply blackhat activity (scraping user information) that is not sustainable.

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    Maybe I missed it, but how did you find which groups to target? Was that based off users that signed up for your service?

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    Facebook and Twitter only show Ad Spend for political ads. His hack doesn't work if your product isn't running a political ad.

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    In my article i wrote how was our experience and what we did differently and how it worked out