Landing Page Feedback May 5, 2019

Why we start from ADHD?

Yoshua Kishi @Yoshua

This is because I have ADHD. I have struggled ADHD since I was a child, I couldn’t focus on the class, acted as I wanted, also blurted out answers and inappropriate comments, and I forgot things very easily.

But I was in the classroom like others, I love maps, mathematics, and animals. So I thought ADHD is just a difference, not disability.

These differences (ADHD/Autism/mental illnesses) will be good if it works.
So I want to create a social system in which differences like me can thrive.

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    How do you define ADHD?

    1. 2

      Do you mean diagnosed?
      When I was 18 years old, I was diagnosed as ADHD and a little Autism.

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        I have never thought ADHD is too serious... But there are still many people who don't recognize they are ADHD. Anyway, GJ :)

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          It affected me a lot. my relationships, work and every minor thing in my life.
          It's difficult to live the same as others.

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            It' worth solving.

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    Thanks for making this. My family has a lot of neuro-atypicalness including ADHD, so this is kinda in my sphere of interests.

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      Thanks for your comment.
      I want to help myself...