April 17, 2019

Why Whatsapp is not Freelance-Friendly

Matteo @Blackswan_

Hi Guys,
I'm sharing with you a issue that is bothering me a lot, maybe someone of you has already solved it.

As most of you I work from home or in coworking space.
I used to block whatsapp & telegram during my most productive hours.

Unfortunately I cannot do it anymore. I have to be available due to some family issue, and this is affecting my concentration and productivity.

Why whatsapp doens't allow us to block all the contact except a few during some hours?
I wish I coul label my contacts (family, business, friends..) and set up an automatic block eg. from monday to friday from 10 till 16 ..

Did you guys have the same issuee?

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    If it is just family updates that are important, could you set up a different way for them to communicate with you? What about normal texting?

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      Or just a separate WhatsApp account.

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    Whatsapp and likes were designed to kidnap your attention 24x7 and kill productivity. They're the new tobacco.

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    It really can be an issue! The thing is with WhatsApp is it wasn't really meant for business use. I find it very handy to use when I am speaking to clients, but I make sure I set clear expectations on my responses.

    I have all business contacts muted at all times and will respond to them when I get round to it. Although I do think it would be a good idea to have more control over muting contacts as you say (Mon-Fri 9-5) etc.

    As for family and if it's an emergency, that's always going to be more important than business so I am fine with that.

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    That's part of the reason I built Zig. I find a lot of communication platforms aren't focused enough. Even Slack. I wanted something realtime that I could use with my team to manage tasks and communicate, but didn't turn into an endless discussion. I like notifications, but only if they're important. Signal vs noise.

    There's a tricky balance between engagement and fatigue.