Why You Shouldn't Use Typeform On Your Landing Page

I enjoyed writing this blog post over the weekend, so thought I'd share a summary of it here for discussion...

I'm a big fan of Typeform and would 100% use it to create a survey, but I kind of cringe when I see it on somebody's landing page.

Here were my reasons:

1 – It doesn’t fit into seamlessly to your landing page’s design
2 – It comes across as lazy to tech savvy customers and clients
3 – You need a business account to use Google Tag Manager (as well as various other limitations)
4 – It's built for surveys, not lead generation
5 – You can only have one question per step (the real kicker for me)

Their pricing also seems to have taken a turn in the Enterprise direction in the last year or so.

What do you guys think?

(This is basically what led me to build Growform, for what it's worth!)

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    It doesn’t fit into seamlessly to your landing page’s design - This was always my BIGGEST conundrums when analyzing TypeForm as a competitor. It's a nice design, but it won't always match the style of the website.
    I've always been proud of MightyForms.com for giving users ALL the flexibility they need, and STILL create multi-step forms (no limits on fields per step).

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    I believe that in-site forms should fit the site's design and technology.
    I've built form-data.com that handles all the backend, after your users submit the form, so you can have the form look any way you like.
    That said, I think many people also look for form builders because building a form properly is not an easy task after all

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      Oh nice, we're in similar-but-different markets: I cater for those who can't build a FE, you cater for those who can't build a BE!

      The form space is huge; sincerely wish you good luck! 🎉

      1. 1

        Indeed 😊
        Good luck to you too

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    You can only have one question per step (the real kicker for me).hey! I really think like this is what I have seen in most chatbots an I too cringe it, I am developer(in his early phase) and I guess if we fire multiple questions in AI chatbot it should give answer one by one in order(I guess I can make that kind of bot),but question is is this feature looked out for? can I get paid for it if I make it, and some people don't even put question mark after they write question to AI these can be problematic to implementing multiple answering array(this guideline can be written in FAQ though).

    1. 2

      What annoyed me is you can't ask 3 questions per page. For example:

      "To whom shall we send your free brochure?"

      [First name] [Last name] [Email address]

      You'd have to have: "What is your first name?", "What is your last name?", "What is your email address?" as individual steps xD

      1. 1

        hahaha! I guess this type of questions should be customized in chatbot,it can become timesaving aspect for chatbots(for which chatbots are made)!

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