✉️ Why your newsletter? (10 words or less challenge)

I challenge you to describe (in 10 words or less) why should someone subscribe to your (incredible) newsletter.

I start 😋

The Newsletter: Open Startup List
The Why: Humans are curious by nature to know about startups numbers.

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    The Newsletter: Marketing Examples

    Why: I spend one week summarising a marketing topic. You can read it in 2 minutes.

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      Your relentlessness gives me (and probably more people) motivation, I recently read your "failure" with 140 canvas, and it's pretty motivating to see you didn't just give up (the easy way) and actually learned and improved from it to be working on Marketing Examples and inspire people, you should give a Ted talk sometime! keep up the good work mate :)

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        thank you. appreciate this. hope you have a good week

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    Zero to Marketing - Get better at marketing in 5 minutes a week

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      I love your weekly "How I would grow this" series :) One of the highlights around here!

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    The Newsletter: Remote Leaf

    The Why: We scour thousands of remote job openings to find the right ones for you.

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    Targeted Education - without web surfing

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    Money Talk: https://moneytalk.substack.com/

    Tips, advice and analysis - or the highs and lows of personal finance

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    The Newsletter: B2B Trending Topics

    The Why: Great content ideas straight to your inbox. No research required.

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    The Newsletter: Nerdful Mind
    The Why: Mindfulness, psychology, and software engineering articles for developers.

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    Avoid Boring People - Something surprising to help you avoid boring people monthly

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    Daily TL;DR for Marketing Articles, Videos, Podcasts and more.

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    The JavaScript Newsletter focuses on sharing bite-sized code snippets to learn or refresh your memory

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    https://monyze.com/ - Monthly newsletter of companies that recently funded. Curated for you to keep up with the industry trends and inspiration for your next startup idea.

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    Colors & Fonts Discover. - colorsandfonts.substack.com

    A weekly newsletter discovering new resources and articles for web developers and digital designers to supercharge your productivity, creativity and thoughts.

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    The Why: Daily options selling strategies with no fluff

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    This Week's Worth💎 - The best on the Internet for people in a hurry.

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    Making Mondays Fun Again

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    The Bootstrapped Founder — Bootstrapping is a desirable & wealth-generating way of running a business.

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    Renan's Newsletter - Become a better developer and grow a career in dev

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    JAMstack News - 5 links every week with the most interesting news from the #JAMstack world.

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    The Newsletter: https://www.queary.org/signup

    Why: 5 minutes summary of the top Q&A asked in the startup world.

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    Growth Insider - a ton of reading into actionable growth takeaways.

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    Http://LaunchPF.com - Because financial independence allows you to pursue your passion

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    The Newsletter: Grow With Less

    The Why: Handpicked SEO and copywriting insights. No noise included.

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    MakerList - Learn how to build a profitable bootstrapped business

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    https://helloclouders.com - Easiest way to learn AWS with bite-sized content and daily questions

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