May 16, 2019

Will indie hackers use this?

Shreyas Adiyodi @azero0

Hi guys,

I recently launched a platform that will help solo entrepreneurs like you guys to get access to the high quality social media content on-demand.

Since its on-demand, you can potentially create a high quality social media strategy at affordable rates.

It can be really inconvenient to create branded content for your business so why not automate this at rates as low as $2/post.

Try the platform out . Create the first task for free without entering credit card info!

Would love to know what you guys think?

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    Looks great, I might use it

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      Sure, the first task you create is on us! No need to enter credit card info

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    No examples of the posts you have create or could create? Very few images on the site in general and social media is a lot about the photos.

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      @joshdance we are offering the first task for free even without entering your credit card info. You can test out the platform yourself for free and find out.
      Let me know if you need any assistance with trying out the product.

      But its good advice I will add samples of our work.

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    Hi @azero0 ,

    Great idea. I have been struggling with social media and content problems for a lot of time.
    I hope this service will be definitely interesting for a lot of entrepreneurs.

    Some notice on landing page: I cannot find detailed pricing information on your service.

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      Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely add pricing info on the landing page.
      You can also create the first task for free without entering your credit card.

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    Great starting point.

    I would like to see some examples of the content you have created.

    Also, testimonials would help with social proof.

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      @daviddel I will definitely add some examples on the landing page. But we are also offering the first task for free without entering any credit card info. So you can also test us out by creating a task for your own brand.

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    Hi there,

    Is your brand name Eager or Tryeager?

    Honestly, I feel like your landing page is great. Awesome colors and flow. The serif and sans combo is looking really good.

    Maybe I don't understand, but I think the pricing seems fair.

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      Thanks for the feedback.
      The brand name is tryeager.

      I just checked your product . Even you are trying to do something similar but for hiring designers. Would love to know the challenges you are facing.

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    Wow your landing page looks great!

    I think $2 per post is a bit high. Can be like $1 per post or less. And maybe create monthly, yearly packages.

    I signed up it works smooth ! How did you put the logo of those big names, do you have their approval?


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      Cool thanks, for you feedback.
      Pricing is something we are still trying to optimise and it will definitely go down with increase in volume.

      Did you try out the platform by creating a task? Go ahead and create a task we have active freelancers that will be able to complete your task.

      Would you be interested in a platform like this for your business?

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        I created a task it works.

        Yes I would like a bit more automation and integration with existing tools. If you could integrate this with common tools like even google docs sheet it will be great.

        Businesses can generate reports!!

        Another question- How big is your team? :) How many devs and marketing people? Let me send you an email

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          I can see that you have created a task but just added testing in description. Was wondering if you have any real social media content needs. The first task is on us , so you can actually go ahead and create a task for your own brand.

          Sure send me an email.
          We are a 5 member with 3 devs, 1 in marketing and 1 UI/UX designer.

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