April 4, 2019

WindowsKnowHow.com - brutally honest feedback pls!

Yasser Hussein @Yassman

Hi fellow IndieHackers, I’m looking for brutally-honest feedback for my video training course on Windows 10, which I recently launched at https://www.windowsknowhow.com.

I’m a techie by nature and not too hot on the creative side, so would appreciate constructive feedback on both the website and course itself. E.g. are the videos too long, too boring, too techie etc? Some of the videos need to be updated due to recent changes in Windows 10, and I plan to update them soon.

If anyone is interested in testing, I’d be happy to offer a 14-day trial account so you can login and check out the course in its entirety. Just post back here or email me at [email protected] and I’ll set you up!


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