Product Development February 23, 2020

WIP Day 17: Iterating our landing page

Tzeying Cheng @tzeying

(P.S. Since Indie Hackers added a new feature to feature a post on the profile page, I thought I'd take advantage of it - I've been posting these daily WIPs on Twitter. Indie Hackers could be great place to share slightly longer forms of it!)

You can check out everything I've tweeted up till now here:

Since we ( is about to launch its question bank, I'd figured its about to time to update the landing page to be a little less cryptic and a little more informative.

When we first started out, we wanted to only convert those who bought into the general direction / mission / vision of Bellini Slushie rather than a product. We wanted to convert people who were just as passionate as us in the problem we were solving for. So, the landing page was kept deliberately vague - complete with whimsical drawings.

At this point in time, with 80% of the question bank ready, we are confident it's going to happen. So here I am, hustling on a Sunday night - putting together a design for our new landing page!

Exciting times 🤩

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    Hi Tzeying! I like the idea of sending out the updates like this. May I ask what tool are you using here? I'm lacking design/frontend skills and would like to improve there.

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      Hey, thanks! Glad to hear that this is useful / helpful. Would definitely love to help / advice wherever you need. 🙂

      Here I’m using Sketch! To throw together designs quickly, Sketch is still my go-to tool.