May 23, 2019

Wohooo, I have my first YouTube subscriber

Michaela @Madamdo

Almost unbelievable, but true, I have my first YouTube subscriber that I haven't forced to subscribe (like my husband and my two best friends).

If there is one person that likes my content, there must be others....

Thank you, subscriber, you made my day!

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    Great work Michaela! Appsumo has a deal for a Youtube SEO tool right now that might be of interest for you.

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      Cool, can you send me a direct link. Looked at the website and did not see it. Thanks a lot!

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    I'm 11th, I'm excited to see your journey. I have been thinking about starting YouTube channel but still can't make my mind, bravo for you👏👍

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      Super! Thanks for subscribing. It also took me 3 month to actually start. 🙃

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    Lol! Get those first few by any means necessary! I'm your 10th subscriber.

    Your videos are very authentic and I like the vibe.

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      Wow, I’m on a roll! Thank you so much! Also for the comment. Authenticity is what I’m going for!

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      Thanks! I’m super thrilled!

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    Just subscribed.

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      Yes! Thanks! Super excited!🤩

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      Wohoo! Thanks! happydance

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    And I'm your 5th subscriber! :)

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      Wow, thanks, super excited about that!

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    You look adorable, subscribed lol!

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      Thanks for your flattering words and the following.

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