May 23, 2019

WordPress or other for MVP hacking


I've reviewed a few CMS systems and it appears WordPress is the best to hack together an MVP for a product using plugins and minimal code. That said, has anyone used Drupal or other competing CMS systems for rapid prototyping for those that are non-technical?

Also, what are people's thoughts on paying for someone to build via plugin versus another stack? I feel like paying/scoping a plugin is more modular/granular than an entire webstack on Heroku.


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    CMS: This was discussed recently.
    Short answer: do what works for you, then change as needed.

    Not sure I follow your second question.

    1. 1

      Missed the discussion on different CMSs. I'll search around.

      The 2nd part was almost a stack question. If I engage a freelancer to build "something", what is the downside to going with a WordPress plugin vs a Node stack? A fresh plugin could be combined with purchased plugins to create a fully functioning website/product vs. paying for work from scratch.

      Is there a better way to integrate with a WordPress site with multiple plugins I like?

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