Bloggers July 1, 2020

Wordpress: Which plugins do you use?

Seyma M @kavuning

Hello, fellow WordPress bloggers! I've been using WP for over 4 years now and I just realized I've been using (mostly) the same plugins all this time.

So, I wanted to ask you which plugins do you use? Any favorites? And, do you have any plugins that you've had a really bad experience and do NOT recommend at all?

I've always tried to keep it minimal with plugins. But on some forums, I read that there are bloggers who use 30+ plugins. (and I'm shocked) How many plugins do you have in total?

My current plugins

  • Yoast SEO: Amazed by how much they offer! (I set it up a few days ago, so I don't have any visible results yet)
  • I recommend this: Simple heart button at the end of blog posts. Such a tiny thing, but keeps me motivated.
  • Jetpack: Downloaded this when I first moved to WP, I've been very happy with it but lately I'm a bit skeptical if it's necessary or not (also have some speed concerns as well)
  • Smush it: for image optimization
  • Really Simple SSL
  • Mailchimp for WP (for newsletters. But I didn't like RSS elements. So I'm doing it manually each time)
  • Site Kit by Google (Analytics, Adsense etc.)
  • WP-Optimize (because my hosting is not optimized for WP, I had serious speed problems)
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Elementor (I only use it for About & Contact pages)
  • Health Check

Even looking at these, I feel like half of them are unnecessary. I only keep them because I don't have the time nor the knowledge to keep it optimized.

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    I use ConveyThis plugin to convert my WP into English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages. With its help, my startup GGLOT has received 50% of revenues from foreign countries.

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      That's really interesting. Is it better than WPML?

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        Take a look also at TranslatePress, they have nice UI and it felt quite straight forward and intuitive(compared to WPML) to do translations for my site.

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    too many. i've been using wordpress for over a decade and i'm just using a few features out of jetpack... that's it. i don't have any of the other ones, but, i've tried all of them.

    keeping things less bloated is important:

    even yoast is heavy. so, i removed that too.

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    • Elementor Pro
    • Happy Forms
    • If-so (testing)
    • WooCommerce
    • LearnDash
    • MooSend for email