Looking to Partner Up March 27, 2020

Wordress Developer, PHP Guru for Remote Jobs Center

Bora Öztunç @boraoztunc

Hey folks,
I'm Bora, Sr. Visual Designer and a creative individual working for over 13 years, mostly in the advertising; creating strategies, digital campaigns, brand identities, user interfaces for companies in various industries. You can review more about me on my website: boraoztunc(.)net

I always developed personal projects while working, as creating always feels natural and currently I'm working on Remote Jobs Center 🌎 https://remotejobs.center

My goal is not just to create another job board, but to curate a long-lasting database for all the tools and resources, listing more information about them, work with them, also with a detailed Morning-Brew-like newsletter as weekly Sunday editions, starting this Sunday.

I need a true wingman on the development side, that I can count on while creating campaigns and marketing ideas. Website is built on Wordpress CMS (That's the thing I know) so someone with PHP and WP is ideal right now.

If you like the project and share the vision with me, let me know. We'll talk further.

Wash your hands, stay home and stay safe.

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    Hi Bora,

    I’d love to help, I’m a 15+ year veteran of PHP and have a pretty solid understanding of WordPress (I worked for Automattic in a past life)

    Happy to see how I could help in this effort. I have a passion for remote jobs and am looking for strategies to take myself remote once again. Why not immerse myself in it? :

    Feel free to message me — [email protected]

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      Hi Drew, already sent you an email and hope to continue this conversation.

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    Hello, Bora.

    I'm interested. Sounds like a good project

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      Hello Oscar, good to hear you liked the project. Let's discuss further if you like, what is your platform of choice? Skype?

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    this is great idea good luck

    1. 1

      Thank you Ural, good luck with buproject too, its website execution is really great.

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