Ideas and Validation October 23, 2020

Working on a new product for couples. Would love feedback

Andrew Florial @florial

I've recently fell into a rut with my partner because we don't go out as much. So I decided to solve this and maybe help others.

I'm creating a service that makes it easy to find local fun Covid safe things for couples to do together (starting in San Francisco).

I'm in the prototyping stage. I have two landing pages and would to know your thoughts on both and which I should go for Version 1 release with and the reason for the choice.

(These are real experiences but they are currently not bookable until launch in a few days)

#1 Simple Notion Page:

#2 Full Webpage:

Which should I use for release 1?
  1. Simple Notion Page
  2. Full Webpage
  1. 1

    Hey I love the idea! I think it helps getting couples of the couch for some quality time dating.

    Just a small note, I would be careful with things like "covid safe" in your copy. I mean, the private boat for example, you can't guarantee there's no covid on the rails.

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