March 20, 2019

Would anyone use this?

James McManamey @jamesfmac


Hey IH,

To solve my own problem I've built a small tool that lets you set alerts on the analytics events that are critical to your business.

In my case, I use it to get email alerts when active users, funnel conversion rates and specific user actions fall outside of the expected range for a given day.

How it currently works:

  1. Connect data sources (currently Mixpanel & Google Analytics)
  2. Choose a metric or event
  3. Set a baseline (usually I want to compare against the day last week or last month).
  4. Set a tolerance i.e. +10% or - 5%
  5. Receive an email each morning with any alerts that should be investigated

Appreciate any thoughts or feedback on whether this is worth releasing :)

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    Hi James,

    This is quite interesting. We use Google Analytics and have tried using their in built email alert function but haven’t been able to get it to work in the way we require. Essentially we want page level email alerts - so that we can be alerted when a specific set of pages drop x%.

    This maybe possible through GA but we haven’t been able to configure it. Is this something that you’d imagine would be possible through your proposed project ?

    Thanks !

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      Hey @MikeW,

      Thanks for the comment! Setting alerts for specific events is definitely in scope.

      When you say drop by x%, what would you want to be comparing the current views against? i.e. dropped 10% from the previous day or the same day last week or the same day last month?



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        Hi James - This maybe very specific to our particular use case, but we’d be looking at drop vs this day last week. It may also be nice to have a monthly view as well but I think the weekly view as an alert would be more useful.

        Thanks, Mike

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          We do exactly the same thing. Our traffic and usage is driven pretty heavily by day of week which makes it the right thing to use as a comparison.

          Is a tool that would enable you to receive these alerts something that your team would pay for? If so what do you think they would be willing to pay?



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            Hi James,

            I’d imagine we would and I would also imagine that others have similar issues. I’d imagine one aspect to your pricing could be to have different tiers based on number of alerts per month. It would be similar to an SEO keyword rank checker. Our pricing for our SaaS is $9, $16 and $25 so I’d imagine we would be prepared to pay in that range.



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              This is great advice! Thanks so much for your thoughts - hugely appreciated.