Landing Page Feedback October 14, 2020

Would appreciate feedback on our website

Emir Musabasic @emke

Hi everyone, I’m the founder of CustomerVox ( We’re a marketing automation platform for Shopify stores.
We help Shopify merchants communicate with their customers through email marketing, popups and landing pages.
I would love some feedback on what you think about our page and the messaging. Is it clear? What do you think we can do better?
Thank you and I look forward to your feeeback.

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    I think the site design is slick but I'm struggling to understand what's at the core of your offering. From your 'How it works' page it's a bit clearer - you consolidate multiple tools together into one offering(?)

    I can imagine a potential customer might then wonder how CustomerVox can be better than Mailchimp for email marketing, and a better than Google Analytics for analytics etc. Are you claiming that CustomerVox is better than all of these well-known offerings at their various niches? Or is it more that the convenience of having everything in one place outweighs the downside of it missing some features of these other services?

    I hope that's of some help. I do think the site and video all look very professional, my impression is mostly that your offering needs boiling down into something more targeted. I can't imagine wanting to take on all of those other offerings at once (but maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick)

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      @guanacotech thanks for your feedback! That's exactly what I'm looking for and you nailed it.

      We don't claim to be better than Mailchimp or Google Analytics in general but for Shopify - yes. We focus on Shopify and ecommerce so our automations (for email) are easier to setup compared to Mailchimp and our reporting is ecommerce targeted while you need to do lots of tweaking to get GA to work with Shopify and add ecommerce enhanced tracking to work well for online stores. We would be more complimentary to GA still.

      At the same time, because we do email marketing, popups and landing pages we gather all the data and can help with personalizing interaction with customers in an elegant way as we're an all-in-one tool. Hope this makes sense?

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    I think what you're selling is tricky. Since it adds value, but you're not selling a service that people in your market have an established mindset for that kind of solution, I recommend you consider a struggle-first approach to communicate what you do.

    In short: start your page by mirroring back to your visitor the likely struggle they're experiencing. The struggle they're going through just before they decided "enough is enough, I gotta do something about this".

    Copy like: "I'm probably losing sales that could get saved by follow-ups, but I just don't have time to do it all".

    I'm not just advocating a single headline here. I'd keep going with describing the struggle with copy like "Maybe you've tried..." "...and now you're at a point where..."

    Then maybe I'd show a before and after visual or contrasting descriptions of the "instead of" and the "you'll have".

    Only after you've painted a vivid description of your visitor's struggle would I present your offer for help.

    Hope that helps.

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    The on:hover state of the login button (top right) actually looks more appealing than the dormant state which kinda blends in with the rest of the navbar. I would look into making it a bit more prominent!

    ps: @most I straight up went with your advice, thanks for the recommendation (this is indeed a better way to do it) Cheers mate :D

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      Bro I actually felt bad you deleted the thread and was trying to remember your username so I could tell you to just ignore me lol. Because realistically those mega threads get more action than the individual threads so I get it man, you were just trying to contribute. Real talk I was just kind of mad my own posts in that group have been straight up ignored.

      If you add a way to contact you on your IH profile I'd really like you to take a look at a new landing page I'm working on. It's focused on devs.

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        Don't worry about it, the deletion was because there was merit in your point and clouding the timeline helps little people. As you can see, I'm fairly new to this community so I know little about how threads perform.

        Also, my primary purpose for joining IH is because I have a knack for helping people and a friend recommended me to come here. All my posts and comments come from a good place and in hopes to help someone (while trying to stay away from negativity). Maybe I'll do a mega thread in the future? I'm surprised there isn't a DM feature but I'll add an email link to my profile later today.

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    On "":

    • Usage of Intercom is very appropriate for this audience.

    Although: "One tool for customer communication"

    And: "Personalized & relevant communication with your customers. CustomerVox helps growth-focused Shopify stores increase sales by providing a superior shopping experience through personalized & relevant communication for each customer, on every visit." me the impression that you are building a competitor to Intercom, so I immediately began to question why you're not using your own product to communicate with your customers?

    ...however, after going through the rest of the site, I'm beginning to assume that you're actually integrating a bunch of tools like Intercom into a single dashboard, which is useful, but that's not what it seems you do, based on the first few lines.

    • Awkward sentence: "We believe by having a clear audience and what they need helps us build a superior product." -- it sounds like you're patting yourself on the back, when the focus should actually be on your clients' increased ability to communicate with their customers by using your product... You might want to say "Knowing your audience, and exactly what they need -- when they need it -- makes for a superior product experience. Shopify store owners use CustomerVox tools to understand their customers' needs, build stronger relationships, and grow their businesses faster."

    • Personal opinion, but "Switching is easy" sounds like it's easy for me to leave your platform if I'm unhappy. You might want to focus more on the white glove service, moving the phrase from the body "free concierge migrations" to the title, (and instead saying "Free Concierge Onboarding" because, again, migrations sounds like leaving).

    On "":

    • Typo in "Communicating with your customers is unnecessary hard as you need to use multiple tools." -- change to "unnecessarily", but the sentence is still a bit awkward.

    • Typo, with slightly awkward title / body copy relationship: "Typical Shopify setup. 90% of ecommerce sites use a combination of above. Problem is that all tools above work in isolation and data gathered is scattered. It isn’t possible to get the data to perform complex analysis." -- "combination of the above", and only use "above" once. Also, above is not actually above on desktop; it's to the left. "Typical Shopify setup" is okay as a title for the graphic itself, but the content in this section is where you're describing the pain point, so its title should really set that up...

    • Also awkward: "To go into more details, for a typical setup illustrated are some of the multiple options you can use all with various offerings / UIs / approaches:" -- just cut this down to "Service Integrations"

    • You then present the solution ("Enter CustomerVox"), but immediately jump right back into the pain points "Email & popups & landing pages? It's a lot to learn and especially as you need to use multiple tools the interaction data is hard to obtain." -- move those pain points into the other pain points section, and just focus on your one line solution...

    • "We think we've created ONE tool to make it so much more simple." -- "we think" is usually not necessary... Heading: "We've created ONE tool to make your life simpler.",

    • The content: "CustomerVox makes gathering Shopify data, setting up emails, popups, landing pages, and communicating with your customers easy. And because it's all in one app, we gather the data and keep it in one source so we can help your store provide personalized & relevant messaging to your customers using any of the above interactions." should be trimmed down to one statement, preferably just a better rewording of the first sentence.

    On "":

    • "straight forward" is just one word "straightforward"

    • Change "15 days trial" to "15-Day trial"

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      Hey @lowcodetv, thanks so much for the detailed feedback. It's really valuable especially the way you interpret what we're doing. We don't complete with Intercom at all. We focus on Shopify stores and do email/popups and landing pages but I struggle with how to communicate this in a straightforward way. I've made a bunch of changes based on your feedback and think it got better but I'm still not there yet when it comes to conveying the message on what we're doing.

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    Hey Emir!

    I think the site looks good overall.

    1. Can the messaging at the top be streamlined? The heading is essentially 7 words, and the description 25. The description partially contains the same message as the heading (personalized & relevant communication). If you wanted to go bare bones on this, you could probably roll with 'Increase Shopify sales with better customer communication.' No description. Or add in a short description with some of your other verbiage: 'Give your customers a superior shopping experience on every visit'.

    2. Consider only one button at the top. I wonder if the 'Try it for free' button would be better off right before the 'Your success is our success' section? Give folks a bit more time to learn about the product/service before making the ask. Moving it may help focus the 'Watch Video' button as an immediate action-item/next-step when they arrive (that's what I clicked on first). As a matter of fact, I'd use the dark background for the video button - even if you leave the try it button where it is (and swap positions too?). I know you'd rather have more emphasis on the try it button, but I wonder if anyone is going to be ready at this point.

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      Hey, thanks for your feedback! I’m trying to simplify the messaging overall. I’ve been in enterprise far too long and really struggling with writing to the point copy.
      Not having a button for signup right away seems radical. Can we get more opinions? Do you think it makes sense?

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        Generally, whatever the action is that you want the user to take, you should make the main focus of the jumbotron, and repeat wherever possible. Do you want the visitor to watch a video, or do you want them to sign up?

        This ( was recently posted to IH (regarding conversions, from an expert on conversions). This isn't a recommendation for the product he's selling, but look at the format he uses himself to drive conversions from analyzing that page -- 4 times the "buy" button appears, starting at the top, as the first action he wants the user to take.

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          Yes, and I would like them to sign up (there is a 15-day free trial) so I will leave that as the main CTA button.

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