Would love some feedback on my email newsletter landing page

Hey everyone! 👋

I recently launched a new email newsletter ARK Watcher (https://join.arkwatcher.com) that tracks ARK Invest's holdings and emails a list of stocks they buy and sell every weekday.

I've tried to build a very clean and simple signup landing page with easy to understand copy but I get the feeling that it is not resonating with the visitors.

Any feedback on the landing page (and/or the newsletter idea) would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance! 🙇

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    Sorry, I am not a pro, I only invest in an ETF, but is that term "Big moves" really a thing? It is kinda confusing me, I'm German though. I like your subtitle "Track what ARK Invest is buying and selling" much more.

    Just an idea:

    Track what ARK Invest is buying and selling
    A list of transactions delivered to you by e-mail once per day

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      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the whole "big moves" copy is from Youtube scene 😳. Most financial news media uses terms like "big bets" mostly.

      Since the email doesn't actually contain a list of transactions (i.e. trades) and I am including only stocks that ARK Invest bought or sold more than 5% of their entire position across all of their actively managed ETFs (hence "big moves") to be more actionable for the subscribers, I'm not sure "a list of transactions" is the right copy though it is simple and clean.

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