Landing Page Feedback January 21, 2021

Would love some feedback on version one of my landing page

Ken Rogers @KenRogers

Landing page version one for Lever is up. I coded it myself in straight HTML and CSS. It's a very basic barebones landing page that I will be iterating on over time. Would love any feedback:

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    I like how the headline is simple and to the point - I immediately understood what the app does.

    Below that there were chunks of paragraphs. Ideally if it was coupled with some visuals then I could pinpoint which parts to dive into.

    Might also want to consider trimming out some of the content and spreading it across the site. hope that helps!

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      Thank you so much! Working on creating visuals based on screenshots and a video from inside the course/community.

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    I salute your courage to make a text-based page. You've got some good material to work from, especially when you recount the visitor's likely struggles.

    I'm going to have another shot at looking over this with more feedback, but first: what would you say the course will help most to those who take it?

    Is it designed to help with confidence or more about developing interviewing skills or knowing the parts of the hiring process that are tricky or about developing the human skills?

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      I think what it helps most with is giving people a process to follow. Most people I've talked to are just stuck sending out endless generic applications and not getting anywhere with them, this gives them a more efficient process that drastically increases the likelihood they'll get hired while giving them an escape hatch from the mind-numbing monotony and endless rejection that comes from shotgunning generic applications.

      The purpose of the community is mainly just to help people actually stick to this when they get discouraged, lose motivation, or need clarity on next steps.

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        All right, that's great.

        My feedback is going to be about two themes:

        • Scannability/eye-movement
        • Creating/answering questions

        A lot of the folks will probably tell you there's too much text. I don't think so. But, I think your headings could be improved to connect with the visitor's mental back and forth more. So that's about scannability. I'll come back to that with a few examples below.

        Also, I think your copy isn't creating questions enough, and not answering questions in the right spots.

        A quick example on this creating/answering questions bit:

        The "Lever is your secret weapon" and the "It’s an affordable course" paragraphs are too soon and don't really answer the question that were created.

        Instead, I'd continue building up the visitor's "yes, this is me!" feeling by relating to them, in the location where those paragraphs are found, some words that show you understand what they're going through. "you've been stuck sending out resumes and not getting responses. But now, you're thinking that's not going to work. But you feel stuck in a chicken-and-egg problem."

        Overall, I'd recommend the following structure:

        1. Brief intro.
        2. Brief explanation that you understand the struggle
        3. More proof you understand their struggle
        4. More proof you understand their struggle, maybe a quote bubble of what they might be thinking about
        5. More proof you understand their struggle, maybe use maybe statements
        6. Describe a different future/a better way forward
        7. Another proof you understand the struggle maybe
        8. A strong description that it's a course that'll get you there, a process to follow, a process that increases the likelihood of hits and fewer misses.
        9. A strong invitation to join
        10. Continue with different proofs that you understand the struggle
        11. Address some anxieties
        12. Maybe describe a before and an after (another approach to show there's a better way)
        13. Maybe describe more stuff about the course (here, the people scrolled so much that they're clearly interested, but haven't clicked to join, so they're hesitant and are computing their interest)
        14. Invite them to join, quell any anxieties
        15. Find some way to help those who have gone all the way at the bottom and are still not sure, by maybe offering a pledge, a way to contact you with questions, maybe offer a more affordable takeaway document that still builds trust.

        A note about scannability.

        I'd make sure to use big text in places, not only for headings, but also for highlighting quote bubbles. Make these bigger, bolder portions something the eye can quickly land on and where the accompanying next sentences relate to that thing that was bold, but helps the person who connected with those words by feeding in their interest, into the questions/interest that bolder part evoked.

        People will scroll and scan, see a word that connects with them, then they'll go micro in their reading, and read in detail every start of every sentence in that region, and in a paragraph, they'll start reading in more detail.

        For examples of pages like this, check out this page from my site. Also, here's an article on the power of long pages.

        How Long Landing Pages Make Calls-To-Action Work

        Hope that helps.

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          This is amazing, thank you so so much for this! Going to implement these changes.

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    I'd think the biggest confusion here in the headline is whether it's a self-serve video course like Udemy, or whether its a mentorship programme; it's a bit difficult to imagine both at the same time.

    Another big issue would be trust: Not really seeing results, social proof or reasons for credibility: How can I trust this person or group to be able to help me?

    Please have a look at my landing page at as well, welcome any feedback too :)

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      It's a course with a community component. I'm working on a short demo video that I think will help visualize it clear up the confusion.

      I have my first few customers so getting social proof is next on the to-do list.

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    Feel like reading a newsletter. If it's on purpose, you did a great job.


    • More text hierarchy to separate long paragrapher
    • Some visuals would be really helpful
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