Would love to give you feedback on your landing page & business!

The time to give back! If you feel stuck or things are running sluggish, feel free to send me your landing page or product and I'd love to give you feedback on all things positioning, branding, pricing etc.

Context: Running mentorcruise.com, the initial version of the landing page was nothing nice to look at (it's on web archive!). Since then, worked with multiple marketing experts, UX people and copywriters to get it to a better stage.

Today, we have a solid above-average conversion rate and even though it will never suit everyone and solve every problem, iteration is key!

P.S: Might respond via text or send you a Loom vid, let's see!

Edit 3/16: I'll be back tomorrow, keep them coming :)

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    Please review our landing page :)

    We help companies to spark up a personal connection with visitors through video messages by displaying a video message with a call-to-action across their website and convert visitors into meaningful customers.


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      This is awesome! Really capture my attention. I love how you’re showing the product in action.

      Im wondering who are your competitors? How are people currently solving the lack of personal touch? I’m assuming chat bots are your competition? It’ll be great to have a call-out why video message is better than alternatives. Perhaps their alternative is not doing anything at all.

      Also, did you have user feedback/research that showed that video scripting was a big challenge? It felt a little too much on the home page. Too many CTAs. There was getting started, then take a quiz etc.

      The above also depends on where the majority of your traffic is coming from. What keywords or channels are leading them to your home page. Using google search console / GA should reveal that. If your audiences are already solution aware and “shopping” then the video script might make sense esp if it’s an obstacle. I still feel there are too many offers on a single home page.

      Headlines on certain sections can be more straight forward too. For example: “Looking for inspiration”.. Could test a more direct headline like “Get a free personalized video script”

      Hope that helps.

      Ps: I reviewed your home page video mobile only.

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      I love the landing page! You got me watching the video until the very end, so the idea works very well too :-) Haven't seen anyone doing something like that.

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      What can I say, well done! This looks like a stellar landing page. Really the only thing that was still missing for me was to see this stuff in the wild. Do you have case studies? They are a great way to convince new users to sign up if they see other people related to them having success with it.

      If you still run into conversion issues after that, the only other path to take is to niche down. E.g. I could see this working very well for digital marketers, so you can convince more people that this product is right for them by adjusting your copy towards them.

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      This is neat, good job!

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    I would be happy to receive a review on my first Saas product, launched a month ago. https://proagentboard.com.

    Is an web app which helps you to create proposals, invoices, get paid online and manage your customers.

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      Just from a business perspective, reading through this doesn't show me anything that would make me say "hell yeah, let's go for this one".

      Truth is, you are competing in one of the most competitive areas, against giants like Fiverr (and.co) and Upwork, so making it beautiful and responsive doesn't cut it anymore.

      Do you have users? If so, why do they love you? What benefit are you getting them? Add it and their faces to the LP.

      Other than that, really solid LP.

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        Thank you for your time.
        I don't have users. The common problem is that people enter, but do not register. Because users do not register, I do not even know what I could improve inside the application.

        But, I don't understand why you say that i competing with Fiverr, Upwork..etc? These companies are different from what I try to sell.

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          A thought: If you don't have users, first step would be to find and talk to potential users. Then you can address their questions / objections in the landing page copy. A landing page doesn't replace a conversation, as you've noticed it's a binary decision. They either register or don't. And you don't get to find out why or why not.

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            Thank you for the advice. What are the best ways in your vision to find potential users?

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              Ah yes that question. This may sound harsh but it's also something we all learn the hard way so I'll be straightforward in the hope that it'll be save you time:

              The question you asked is not the right question or rather that is not the right order of steps. consider these steps instead:

              1. decide who you want to help/serve, who you want your customers to be
              2. hang out where they hang out online, read questions they ask. Identify problems and pain points this group has
              3. build a solution to a real expressed problem and get feedback from potential cutomers (that you're already hanging out with).
              4. build a landing page for your solution. Hope that helps!

              I wrote more about this here

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          Mentioning those products cause they all have proposal software, but they are able to market to millions of contractors and freelancers directly. https://www.and.co/ is by Fiverr and what I see most contractors and even agencies use.

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          And another question, don't make you to say "hell yeah, let's go for this one" because you are not interested in such a topic (Proposals, invoices ... etc.) or because the content is not convincing?

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            Because there are so many others that do the same thing! What makes you unique?

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              I understand you. Of course they do the same thing. The differences are related to the user experience, functionalities, design, speed and continuous development. For example I tried and.co, the first difference I saw that they do not offer a text editor, I have a text editor. Also, if the proposal is long, does not have a navigation by sections, my product has navigation and you can set and view prices for each section. On and.co, you can only set a main price, you cannot form a price from several prices per section.

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                Then you need to communicate that, but also I don't see that alone being the features that would make someone switch, just a thought

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                  I agree with you. It's hard to get someone to give up one tool in favor of another tool. But I think I need to communicate with users who still don't use that kind of tool.

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    I'd love a quick landing page review :)

    We are trying to help founders reach out to people through 'request a call/ meeting' messages that convert.

    Not super clear on good use cases but here goes: www.shokku.co/beta

    Thank you!

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      Yeah, as you already kind of assumed, the copy is spongy and doesn't leave me with a lot of confidence. I have no idea where, how and when to use it. Your testimonial section is awesome if they are real. It gives me a much better idea about how it works.

      But everything sends me mixed signals... Are you authoring an email for me? Are you helping me nurture connections? Are you going to edit my emails? Make it crystal clear IMO

      1. 1


        Just scrapped and recreated the copy. I hope it is edging toward the right direction 😓

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    Hi, thank you for your time! I have recently opened beta user subscriptions.
    Would love some feedback on https://enwake.com

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      Super cool product!
      You migtht want to check the demo slider is working correctly across browsers - on Safari/OSX 10.14 the content on the left of the slider is not visible at first. I only realised it was a before/after because I came back to the tab a few minutes later.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback.

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      This is intriguing, cool product. You are missing two things:

      1. A demo, cause at this point I don't believe you
      2. Case studies or testimonials, cause I don't know what to best use it for

      Overall, less talking more showing. No one is going to read "How Enwake works", show me an animation or video!

      There's a thing or two you could do design-wise for sure, but your most important elements and a strong CTA are there, so good job.

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        Thanks for the feedback.

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      I’m sure you provide some unique value but the landing page does not make it clear enough. As a Django user I read it and think most of it is built in functionality. Django Admin, user management, email backends, social logins. All of that already exists for Django either built in or using popular modules.

      If the value you’re adding is that you’re exposing these functionalities through a REST API, or that you have prebuilt vue views that somehow integrates with this, then focus on that instead of listing features that come out of the box with Django.

      The value provided is not clear to me.

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      Cool! Big Django user here, although never with Vue. There are a bunch of similar stacks around (although I believe with React), so you have big competition in a limited market, watch out.

      Honestly, your LP is probably fine. If you are struggling with getting signups it's because (1) people need to start their products now and don't know when yours comes out (2) there's no pricing (3) you are competing against a free alternative (devs might set it up themselves, founders often don't care about the stack) and (4) there are known alternatives I could go to right now.

      Solid stuff, if I could add anything, it's probably that I don't see a "hell yeah" feature that would prompt me to buy yet. Admin area, docker support, email and payments... that's something you get in every SaaS pack.

      1. 1

        Thanks so much for such a detailed breakdown.

        All fair points that I need to adress in near future.

        I have a few ideas for features you can't find in other saas boilerplates but I want to creare a solid base before I start implementing them.

        Thanks again!

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    Nice one!
    Here we go.

    Landing pages for your next project.

    You're about to launch soon and must be 100% focused on your product. Don't lose precious days designing, coding the landing page and testing a site. Instead, integrate one with your favourite framework.

    I am looking fir feedback because sales have droped a lot without me doing changes.

    Thank you so much for doing it, is very kind!

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      Wow, kudos. Looks great. You know your analytics better than I do, but if your sales have dropped, it's probably a problem with inbound traffic, not your landing page. Did you see conversion drop or only your traffic?

      I see you got traffic from ProductHunt, but that's gonna stop someday. If I google for "Responsive HTML startup templates" you are nowhere. You gotta cover more ground there. Add a blog, add long-tail keywords, get into all of those colorlib lists and other marketplaces. Empower people that have built a business using your LPs. Your landing page is awesome.

      1. 1

        Yes, is conversions.

        From 200 to 300 monthly to 1 or zero.

        I have even been checking if there's anything broken...but there wasn't.

        Ok, I could target that.

        The traffic from PH has been coming from the subdomain probably. Blocks.wickedtemplates.com ( 300 to 600 users daily)

        Then, my other projects...

        Is just kind of wierd.

        Really appreciated your feedback, thanks a lot.

        1. 1

          I was asking about the conversion rate (conversions divided by all visitors), has that broken down? Or did your traffic just dip recently?

          1. 1

            Traffic is the same, in fact a lil bit more, but conversion is almost none existing.

            1. 1

              That's really odd! Try to understand that (where are they coming from, what are they doing? who are they? maybe add a live chat), since it seems usually you are getting a good amount of conversions!

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    Hi, thank you for your time! I recently released simple, introduction version of Voxes website :)

    1. 1

      Solid, but I need more demos. You have a lot of potential for a certain wow factor here, where you add audio annotations to your own copy and walk me through your product.

      Your copy is also a little weak and too hard on the features. You don't speak to a specific audience. Am I a designer? A manager? An engineer who uses this feature? What are the benefits over live chat? Is this going to safe me time? Or build a deeper relationship with my customers? Won't it weird out my customers? What success have you been seeing? Do others use it? What do they have to say? Try to answer that in your LP.

      I really don't need the instructions on how to set it up as first thing in your copy.

      1. 1

        Oh, that's really valuable feedback, for sure will take care about that, thank you @dqmonn!

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    I'm only here because I'm interested in what other people's projects offer. And, I have to say, most of the products are for the same kind of people the project's founder are from (indie hackers, bootstrappers, founders etc.)

    1. 1

      Yep, that's how it is :) Scratching your own itch, but creating a ton of competition for yourself on the way!

      1. 1

        Yeah, additionally, it should be considered if any "growth hacking strategies" do actually apply onto the project I'm creating for. It's a little bit like a community that pollinates itself :) - You know, I'm reading a guide how I gather 1000 Twitter followers, then I write my own guide and sell it to someone who wants to gather 1000 Twitter followers. Anyway, I'm writing this only because I had a headache around all the guides floating around and realized this point recently.

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    Here’s a bit of an unusual ask, I am not convinced that I need a separate landing page to gumroad page. Can you pls change my mind? 😊 https://gumroad.com/l/thecreatorsystem

    1. 1

      If I search for "the creator system" on Google, I find a really, really ugly HTML site :) If I see you online, it will be impossible to find you after. You want to own your distribution, Gumroad is just one of the channels

      1. 1

        Good point.. you make me think of something as well.. people are not going to search for the creator system, but they might search for other keywords like productivity or task management system. I am going to rename my product to optimise for search and think about creating a landing page. Thank you so much for your insight!

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    Perfect timing :-) I would love to hear your opinion on my project on https://100channels.co

    1. 2

      I found it hard to imagine something specific based on the copy you've written. I think the copy is good, but you need one or multiple demos for sure. I hope you have a growth plan already, but I think this is a perfect candidate to grow by creating niche directories for communities.

      David's testimonial isn't worth anything, but then again I guess it's fake (and the image is AI generated maybe? 😅). Leave it out

      1. 1

        Thank you! At least I am not the only one who finds it hard to come up with copy 😅 I am however already working on an improved version based on your feedback.

    1. 1

      Not sure if you're aware, on desktop in Chrome the subscribe button doesn't sit inside the email box (ignore me if that's deliberate):

      subscribe button

      and above 2000px it's all hidden behind the blue footer's :before graphic (I realise that's not a standard resolution - but people with 4k monitors will view it at this size)


    2. 1

      I think newsletter pages these days always follow about the same format, be sure to look at them :) I think you are missing the benefits I can get from reading your newsletter, any type of social proof, as well as some samples. You seem to have some design inconsistencies down in the future too.

      @harrydry was trying to find a little cheatsheet you used to share about newsletter opt-ins, really helped me, do you remember which one?

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    Hey @dqmonn thanks so much for doing this! You are a legend.

    We recently launched our beta and would love your feedback on the landing page / product overall if you don't mind kicking the tires :)


    Thanks again!
    [email protected]

    1. 1

      I love the message, but I'm missing some context and you are already blocking me off with social logins, that's too bad.

      The fact that you sparked some curiosity is very promising! But please allow me to go a little further before I need to hand over my personal information to you. I'm not a very privacy-conscious person by the way, but this still blocks me.

      1. 1

        @dqmonn - thanks so much for your feedback. Really appreciate it.

        I'm actually in the process of adding a brief 'how it works' section right now for this exact reason! Would you be willing to take a quick look at a screenshot of the page? Can share via email.

        Thanks again!

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    https://bubblin.io - The binge reader.

    🙏🏻 you for doing this @dqmonn.

    1. 1

      I think it's a bold move to have your app itself on the frontpage, not many do that, kudos! But there should be at least a header so I can gain some context, I have no idea what I'm looking at and "The Death of Dulgath" isn't something I would usually read. Maybe ask me about my profile first?

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    Thank you. I think have an initial version of my website from scratch. https://mailboxfiler.com

    1. 1

      Definitely work more with interactive media like images, videos and animations to showcase your product and benefit. I don't have a clear picture how your product works before I sign up, that's wasted potential.

      The website is very straight-to-the-point, almost feels technical. Depending on your audience that can be fine, but it's OK to sell a benefit and a vision here, instead of just plainly listing your features.

      Why would I want to have my email attachments somewhere else? Why is GDrive not enough? Who cares about this and why? Those are questions you can answer on your website.

      Do you have users? Showcase them as part of testimonials.

      Then, there's a typo or two in your copy. Doesn't fill me with confidence.

      Other than that, I like your focus on a strong CTA and your use case list!

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot for your feedback. Will have to work on that.

    1. 2

      Seems interesting and great work on the testimonials, that's key! Some thoughts:

      – Leave the "Join +10 other employees" away, it doesn't do you any good. I assumed there'd be way more people on this, which is good for you.
      – You spend multiple pages talking about all your features, but I'm not sold on the benefits yet. Talk more about that. What does this help me achieve.
      – It's really pricey for a seemingly simple tool with a small community tbh!
      – If you can turn your testimonials into success stories, that will do you really well. So instead of "my boss ackowledge my work achievements", find things like – I got a 15% salary increase since using getworkrecognized.
      – I think self-review is a really unbrandable word. Reflection? Retrospective?

    1. 2

      Well done! I think overall the page is a little content sparse. This seems like an "app for everyone" which makes it impossible to write benefit-centered copy. Do you know who your best users are? Always keep them in mind as you extend the copy around the site. Might also help with adding testimonials, because right now I have no proof that anybody uses the app

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    Hey! Thanks for doing this!

    Me and my team just launched Howitzer - Reddit marketing tool, made for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Growth hackers.

    Would be glad to hear your opinion! :)

    1. 2

      Huh, yeah very interesting. I think the problem you need to solve is to make things believable. I find the concept interesting and I don't really need to know how exactly it works, but if it works. You need to focus on that.

      So... case studies, success stories, a higher focus on the testimonial section you already have. I think that would make things a lot more believable.

      Other than that, really solid!

      1. 1

        Thank you very much!
        What do you think about a demo video (explainer 'How I sell my own marketing tool, using my own marketing tool')?
        Would it solve this problem?

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    Hi! Thanks for doing this, me and my friend are developing an app called marky, website is here: https://www.usemarky.io/

    This tool is designed for web developers to use for their clients. It aims to essentially save time and hassle and improve communication, feedback between you and your clients, this is done through our web app that will be able to overlay onto your web development page, and your client will be able to directly add annotations, comments and to do lists so you are able to not only complete projects faster, but also more accurate to your client’s needs and feedback.

    Would really appreciate any feedback!


    1. 2

      Well done! These are the thoughts shooting through my head looking at this:

      – Feels odd to have the signup form including my name in the header. Go for a strong CTA instead!
      – It's clear to me from the illustration what this product does
      – You are trying to create something "built for everyone" and I can feel that. Try to nail down which niche you want to conquer. In my mind: freelancers and remote agencies OR design & development teams, but you gotta pick.
      – The pricing doesn't make sense to me. Your big value is the collaboration, but on a free plan I can't add team members?

      Overall really solid! The CTA is the only thing you need to look at, but your positioning is worth a look too

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! Great point about the full name, gonna look at removing that so its easier to sign up too, along with the pricing think we need to make that clear!

        I think yeah our neiche is going to be aimed at freelancers and agencies so we need to address that and make sure that its tailored for them!

        Appreciate the feedback!

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    Howdy! We're looking to test the waters with this CBD tab dispenser & subscription system. Would appreciate you thoughts on the product landing page: quivtin.com

    1. 2

      On first glance, I think there's way too much text. Work with custom graphics more (the undraw ones are really overdone). Images, animations, videos, stuff that will catch my attention, especially since this seems to be a physical product? Can't comment much more since I don't understand the pain, to be honest 😅

      1. 1

        Thanks! Will start implementing the feedback, much appreciated!

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    Hi, thanks for doing this, can you check out my landing page at https://inferrd.com ?

    1. 1

      Oooh as a ML guy myself, I'm such a big fan of this :)

      Since I'm somewhat in your target audience, I hope my first impression can help you.

      – Nice design, strong CTA
      – Love the demo
      – Great testimonials
      – Pricing seems a little rough as a creator, OK as a company
      – My company will never ever allow us to deploy our model on a third-party cloud
      – Where is this hosted?

      So this is something you could potentially add.

      Other than that, invest further in your blog and establish yourself in the tightly knit ML community. This will be big!

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    Hi, thanks for doing this :) I just released the landing page of my new product, a fun physical notification device that turns on when you make a new sale from your SaaS, Digital product, eShop, etc


  18. 1

    I am getting ready to soft launch and would love some feedback. Thank you!

    https://www.gypsee.travel (currently mobile only!)

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    We'd greatly appreciate a review of our SaaS!

    Me and my co-founder have built an automated deployment tool (where all the work has been just between the two of us) - which took 4 years - and we've introduced our premium plans at the beginning of this year.

    Launchdeck helps web developers deploy projects quickly and easily from a Git repository to their servers, without having to understand too much about system administration and the technical details of deployment.


  20. 1


    This is a very new site (it's just a week old) and quite simple. I plan to keep the design as I expand it by adding more pages (plans, demo, dashboard etc.).

    The aim at the minute is to get people to sign-up to the waitlist while I build the rest. I have only had a couple of people join so far so I am keen for this to improve.

    Thank you!

    1. 2

      Well I think this one is fairly obvious, you NEED to have social proof.

      1. Which accounts have you managed before?
      2. What has their growth looked like?
      3. Do you have success stories? E.g. has this helped grow a business or is it just appealing to bots?
      4. Who are you? Why should I give you tweet access to my Twitter?
      5. Can I look at your tweets somewhere?

      If you can't provide that, you need to find clients before you try to SaaS-ify. If you can, it needs to be front and center!

      1. 1

        Thank you! It sounds so obvious when you say it and makes a lot of sense.

        There is some social proof as I've been running a private beta version on 4 accounts - 2 that are my businesses and 2 that are companies that I have been running SEO campaigns for.

        I will put it on the home page!

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    Thanks a lot in advance. :) This is our landing page. HeyPixl.com

    1. 1

      You don't talk about what I can use Pixl for, I can't think of anything. Is it a pet? Something to teach a kid programming with?

      Also, if it's real, videos!

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    What you are doing is awesome! Kudos!
    I would love to hear your opinion on https://www.euroremote.com/

    1. 1

      Cool stuff. Design-wise, you could always add more padding and margins. It looks a little cluttered.

      You are wasting your main CTA. The main CTA should be to sign up for the mailing list, not scrolling down 50px to see the jobs I've already been seeing.

      Other than that, solid!

  23. 1

    Hi! I'd be happy to receive feedback on https://adflow.ai. For context, you can find a lot more details around the product and the landing on this fellow post on IH :).

    1. 1

      CSS isn't loading for me :( It's just bare HTML

      1. 1

        Unfortunately this is an issue with some ad blocker and our product having 'ad' in the name. We are trying to understand what a possible workaround could be 🤔.

        In the meantime you can check it out turning off your adblocker (there are no ads on the landing, I promise 🙈).

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    Hi, you can try ours if you still have the time


    its like google trends but based on content people write on the internet rather than what they search for on google.

    1. 1

      I think you can get people to their "aha" moment quickly by letting them perform a search. So there's no need for the feature explanation for example, I think. This could literally have your header and a design a la Google. You want people to experience the product, not read about it.

  25. 1

    I'd love to get my landing page reviewed!

    Playgroup is a powerful platform to start and grow your community.


    1. 2

      Yay, MegaMaker right?

      Really good work on testimonials, live demo and overall design. What seems strange to me is at a few places you seem to describe the benefits of a community, not Playgroup itself.

      I think people visiting your site are currently circling between Slack, Discord, Mattermost, Circle, Tribe & co. so you don't need to sell them on a community, but on Playgroup! What makes you unique? What do your customers appreciate about you specifically?

      1. 1

        Thanks @dqmonn for the solid advice! This makes a lot of sense and was also what I was thinking. Would you think adding some Playgroup, Circle, Discord, Slack, etc comparisons on the landing page be OK? Or would that be a separate type of page where I'd cover Playgroup vs. Circle specifically?

  26. 1


    the mvp is still in progress, but soft launching soon :)


    1. 1

      I think there's lots of potential to improve this, but the most important thing to look at is your CTA, you have two of them and neither are extremely strong. "Hire My Composer" can be quite a daunting CTA and "Create My Composer Account" sounds strange. You also have mixing CTAs all around the site (Sign Up, Subscribe). Definitely the first thing to look at.

      Once you launch, definitely make it possible to browse composers without log-in. It could be good to onboard a dozen of them or so before you launch. That's what I did at MentorCruise (same problem)

      1. 1

        That are some useful ideas. Thanks a lot! <3

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    Had the pre-launch page for Invoicr go live last week, would love some feedback on www.getinvoicr.com !Thanks

    1. 1

      In this thread alone you have two competitors. For all of you the same tip: You need a hell yeah use case and heavily build around it, being beautiful, simple and responsive doesn't cut it anymore.

      Copying the same text over:

      Do you have users? If so, why do they love you? What benefit are you getting them? Add it and their faces to the LP.

  28. 1

    I really liked your website and business @dqmonn. Do you think my website, boostlane.com, could become an ambassador and help promote your offers to people looking for guidance? We have a page that could be a good fit for talking about what you do: https://boostlane.com/h/mentorship. We could add more relevant posts and make it more visible to lead people to your business.

    1. 1

      Yes! Please apply https://mentorcruise.com/ambassadors/

      We share 50% of MRR with ambassadors, quite attractive.

      1. 1

        I saw the rate, it's quite attractive indeed. I will definitely apply. I think your product has great potential, with more people working remotely and becoming self-employed.

  29. 1

    My first ever landing page that doesn't look bad, but admittedly, does look a bit cookie-cutterish :-)


    1. 1

      I think it will do the job, TailwindUI is a great place to start from. I also think your landing page will work great for the audience you speak to (devs, creators). You should probably list the pricing right on the homepage and if you are struggling for signups, a free plan sounds like a great fit for this (because you want blogs/sites to grow with you)

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! Great points about moving pricing to home & free plan.

  30. 1

    Thank you very much, looking forward to your feedback: https://basetools.io

    1. 2

      Visuals, a demo and testimonials! The idea sounds great but I have to see it in action. As someone visiting your LP, I have no idea how it would be possible to paywall my code on Github. Show me! Are people making sales with this? Get their feedback up as testimonials to show others that the concept works.

      1. 1

        Thank you very much! Very valid points. Will work on all of these! :)

  31. 1

    I'd like to receive feedback on my landing pages

    1. 1

      I'm not sure what you want to have feedback on 😅 If they are meant to convert to something, you need to have a stronger CTA. Also the white on light blue isn't great to read and the fact that everything moves and is animated is a little strange...

  32. 1

    Great, thanks. Looking forward to your opinion. www.poirot.app

    1. 1

      Elephant in the room is: how is this different from hunter.io I think. How can this get me further? If you are entering a space with incumbents like Sales Navigator or Hunter, you need to hedge against them and get some unique value to your users I think.

      Otherwise, the LP looks great. There's probably some design kinks you could figure out. For example the style of your illustrations is all over the place, the black-on-rainbow header is not awesome to read and the fonts look pretty thin and light on a Mac

  33. 1

    Would love a feedback on GrowthHunt.co


    1. 1

      I see that you have a newsletter list, making that one more obvious will definitely help you gain subscribers. I was about to tell you that you should probably add some conversion point when I saw the "here" was linked.

      Big CTA is always nice :) Maybe you are limited through Super, no idea.

    1. 1

      Looks nice, like the concept as well. All in all quite clear. If you can, add use case ideas and case studies (is someone using it?). I also don't see why I need an account to use it for free, can't I just pull this into my netlify thing? I'm sure there's a reason, but you need to describe it.

      1. 1

        I'm trying to figure out how to position the free and paid plan better. Basically adding blogstreak to any blog is easy and no account creation is needed but for the admin functionality they have to pay.

        Admin functionality is much needed but if you pay for one month and then the next month you don't want to continue then that's fine but the clap and comment will work indefinitely.

        I will write in the faq and other places saying it's free to use for life time but for the admin functionality they have to pay.

    1. 1

      Interesting stuff! I think the elephant in the room is why I'd use this over Zapier or n8n, I think that's what people know. Pricing seems better than Zapier, but worse than n8n. Amount of integrations seems worse than both. What's your USP? Talk about it.

      1. 1

        Haha, thank you for commenting...

        this is just the early version of the MVP and I am adding more integrations and trying different things out.

    2. 1

      Looks good did you made it custom?

  34. 1

    I would be very grateful if you could share some thoughts about my landing page https://www.organisely.app/industries/beauty-salons

    Thanks 😁

    1. 1

      So my first design nitpick of the day: Compared to other similar software, it's just a bit faceless and dry! It looks like a tech SaaS but supposed to be targeted towards salons. When I think beauty industry, I definitely think about something like https://www.treatwell.co.uk/. You won't get that from undraw and SaaS templates! But again, design doesn't always matter.

      The copy seems a little all over the place and also text heavy. Show off more in visuals and screenshots and overthink your "Easy blogging" section cause no one is going to read it 😅

      Good part: seems like you have plenty of users already. 100 users sounds super nice! Even more surprised that you don't have testimonials on your site yet! How much time does this save salons vs. maintaining a booklet? By how much % did you increase inbound calls? Did it helps grow salons? That's what it's all about in the end. Go heavy on that type of stuff

      Take a slice from @patio11's https://appointmentreminder.com/

  35. 1

    Thanks for doing this! I’m eagerly looking for more opinion on my recently redesigned landing page.


    1. 1

      On it now, nice. I like the look, but I don't really know where to go from here:

      – Enter your email to get early access, but to what?
      – checked out your market but it's just tests so far, so not getting any more context
      – the curated tools are nice but also seem like a cross-cut of ProductHunt, I don't think I'd try and look for "curated" materials here
      – the courses are probably the most interesting, wondering why they are only 1/3 pages you want to lead me to and not the main thing?
      – finding a community, but it's all just indonesian football news?

      • the copy at the end of your site seems to tell me all about what I've seen so far

      So yes, just mega confused. I don't know whether you can do anything about that, maybe I'm just too far gone from who you are trying to target 😅 Looks very nice though!

      1. 1

        It’s bad that there is no bookmark feature here

      2. 1

        Wow that was quick. All your saying is very true. I also forgot to mention the site is still under developing and the contents may not be correct and useful for the said target audience. Definitely going to speed things up to bring the value to users. Very appreciate for the feedback, I’m gonna come back here more often to make sure your concern is done right.

    2. 1

      Not loading for me :o

      1. 1

        It’s weird, I can access it now. Where do you access from if you don’t mind?

  36. 1

    Thank you for doing this! Please review my startup's landing page -

    The app and site are still WIP but I'd like to know what could be improved

    1. 1

      Looks nice, actually! First thing that pops up is that your CTAs are all over the place. Never seen 4 CTAs in the header before! I'd just keep the two app store links there.

      There's not much to critique, mostly I'm wondering what kind of social network this is and I don't have the possibility to just go browse for a while. It seems to me like with this stuff I should be able to explore. A demo? A limit non-registered view?

      But in any case, this won't be a landing page play. You will have to make strong use of network effects here, most likely your users aren't even going to see this page, I guess.

      1. 1

        That's solid feedback, thank you
        I shall remove the other 2 buttons, they were almost vestigial anyways

        As for the social media, it's similar to Instagram but with much greater control. For example, you can create circles which is a set of your followers you want to share with and only they can see your post and for each post you can choose which of your circles you want to share with.

        The app will also be Ad Free, no trackers, and Open Source, running on a basic free tier and a subscription for all features

        I'd love to have some sort of a demo, but I'm not sure how I could with an app like this. Unlike sites like reddit or indie hackers, there's no data I can view without being a user and following others

  37. 1

    I would love a review of my landing page.


    1. 1

      It's quite content sparse and maybe even more importantly, you only talk about the features of your product, but not why it's better than others or what I'm getting out of it.

      In short: What are your competitors and why are you better?

      If you have customers, show off their feedback for sure!

      1. 1

        I guess copywriting is another one of my weakness. I'll see what I can do and maybe find a copywriter to help out. Those are very valid points. I'll definitely include them soon.

    2. 1

      I think the "Track Sales. Reach your profit goal." could use a little more margin on the top :-) Right now it looks a little bit crowded with the border touching it.

      1. 1

        I'm not a designer so I don't really have a good eye on these. Thanks!

        1. 1

          Me neither, so I can definitely relate :-)

    1. 1

      Visually on first glance it's not a very appealing site, it takes a second to adjust to actually read the header, see what the form fields are all about and then appreciate the minimalism. After that, it makes total sense.

      So from a visual point of view, I'd just adjust the form fields to give a stronger feeling of a poll, vs. a signup field (our brain likes to filter those out by now).

      Other than that, I love the idea of being able to jump straight into my first poll, there's a lot more you could do with this (e.g. I would not mind to sign up if it meant I could hide the results, add multiple choice etc.) but it's always good to find an initial use case first.

  38. 1

    Hey, thanks for this.

    I'm working on developing a google chrome extension to help you organise your online shopping.

    Would really appreciate any feedback as the website launched today.


    1. 1

      Looks nice! Definitely add social proof. For example, Honey has shared stats like "our users have saved $2bn this year" and "Our shoppers save 12% on average" which is obviously a big wow factor. Can you show the same?

      1. 1

        Great insight - really appreciate you taking the time to understand the product, understanding the competition and then providing useful advice.

        We are yet to launch so don't have examples but will see what I can do!

  39. 0

    We build products in the Marktech space.

    Following are the landing page of our products.

    I take care of the tech side of the products.

  40. 0

    Help me check the website www.lelinta.com, is the theme download station dead?

    1. 1

      my screen resolution is 1920x1080 and I can see that the (green) background graphics on your website are shopped of left and right.

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