Indie Women October 2, 2020

Would love your feedback on our MVP

Marie Martens @MarieMartens

Hi ladies 👋

Glad I found this group of female founders! I'm Marie, based in Belgium and co-founder of Tally (a new type of form builder). We recently released our beta and would love to hear your thoughts on it! It's free to use and you can try it out without signing up:

Also looking forward to chatting in one of the next icebreakers!

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    I second everyone else, your landing page is gorge! It's easy to navigate and straight to the point. If I need a form, I'll give it a spin and give my feedback. Congrats!

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    I'm in love with the landing page! Will try it out very soon for feedback form. Good job! :)

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      Thanks a lot! Looking forward to hear about your form building experience!

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    Beautiful landing page! I will be sure to use it over TypeForm next time I need a form to try it out.

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      Great! Thanks a lot for giving it a shot!

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    I don't have a current need for a form, but the website looks great and I'll look to use in the future. Congrats on the launch!

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    Beautiful landing page! We were looking to see what Typeform alternatives existed :)

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      Thank you so much Christy! You can create any type of form for free without limits. Let me know if you would have any questions while trying it out!

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    Nice design.

    So is this a Typeform alternative?

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      Thank you! It is indeed a free form builder alternative.

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    Congrats on releasing your beta, it looks great!

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    I like the clean UI, good job! :)

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