Would you be interested to find out more about my product?


Hey indies!

I am working on my app called viboa and I created a landing page. I'd really appreciate honest feedback about what do you like most, what you don't like and why?
It would be interesting to know if you even understand what my product is about. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Michael,

    I see that you're planning on adding screenshots to help explain the app better.

    Another alternative would be to go through the following exercice, so you can find better words for your landing page:

    1. What would a visitor be going through right before coming to your site (what struggle would they be going through) that would make your app be seen as the antidote for that struggle?
    2. What broader aspiration would they be trying to achieve? What progress are they trying to get done (beside "deciding what they want to be").
    3. Can you put the struggles (1) and the aspirations (2) into words?

    To show you what I mean, here's an article I think might help with that exercise:

    Level 3 Sharpening: So You Can Rely Less on Sales

    Also, there's this other article that shows an example of a product that's hard to explain and where I look at possible wording improvements:

    Communicating Your Product When It's Hard to Explain

    Hope that helps,

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      Hey Pascal,
      thanks a lot for your time and review. I will look into that and work over my concept how I communicate.
      Best Regards

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    Hey Michael @FindingUltra

    Let me start with a question:

    Where do most of the visitors come from? How aware are they about your product?

    If they're cold visitors then I think you should make it clear at the top of the page what they're signing up for. Right now, it isn't clear.

    From what I can see, your app can do a lot of things. But exactly WHAT is it?

    Here's the thing:

    A person has to put you in a category first before his/her brain becomes willing to know more about you/your product. But reading the copy on this landing page, I can't decide which category to put you in. You say it's not a social network. Is it a productivity app? But it's user and community-focused?

    All these questions are making me confused. All because I can't put you in a category. I suggest you find that category and make it clear on the landing page.

    Think about it this way: "If your product didn't exist, what would your target user be using?" Answering this question will help you find the category to associate your product with.

    Hope this helps.

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      thank you for your time! I will continue working on it and excited to share my new version then :)!
      Have a great day!

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    Design wise it looks really cool! Content wise I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, only after reading “ That is why we are building an app to help you to become the person who you want to be.” I knew you’re trying to make some kind off self help app.

    Try to be more clear on features for example.

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      Thank you for your reply! I am currently working on it!

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    Hey Michael,

    this is a really nice product – it radiates a positive vibe because I can clearly see that you want to help people to grow personally.

    A few points where you might want to improve the page:

    • When I started to read the page from the top downwards, my mind quickly thought "sounds cool but how might this work practically?". Further down, when you explained that there are boards, vision, goals, milestones etc, then it was OK. Maybe you could add a sentence below the main headline of the page that says: "Viboa helps you to find your vision, set meaningful goals for yourself, and to achieve them by regular milestones."

    • "Be the part of the change" --> "Be part of the change"

    • Add some scribbles of a possible UI or a possible process how the app will be used so that the visitors get a clue of what the app will be like.

    • Talk about the value that the app provides, for example, "clarity in your life", "peace of mind", "energy to decide", all these could resonate with your audience.

    Best wishes, and good luck with your app!

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      Hey Matthias,

      thank you for your reply! I agree, for some people it might be hard to understand how it will actually work? Some people thought about a note taking app which it is not! It is something unique I am working on and I will share soon some UI and update the landing page to make it clear.
      Some people do not see the benefits. Telling the benefits like you said "clarity in your life" are good points.
      Thanks a lot for your time!

      Best Regards

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    When I read this: "We believe that everyone should get the opportunity in life to decide who you want to be" it sounded like I would let other people decide who I want to be, which is probably not what you mean. So, change "you" to "they."

    "We believe in thinking differently and be different" should probably be changed to "We believe in thinking differently and being different"

    The goal of the app is a tall order. (I agree with @sachingk) But, I signed up just to see how it might work. All the best.

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      Hey ksp, thanks a lot! I guess I need to be specific and tell what exactly the app does.

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