Landing Page Feedback March 6, 2020

Would you change anything?

Mark @Skurt

Currently building a wordpress plugin called, Hicopy

Looking for any kind of feedback. Thanks!

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      Thanks for that. I'll look into it more. Did you try Ctrl-C ? Right click has been giving issues lately, but I'll have it stable soon.

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        Yeah CMD+C (Mac user) is my default. I only used the right-click method because it was more visual for the video.

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          I forgot to include Mac and Linux command keys in the newest update :P Thanks for all your help. Give hicopy up to a month, should be stable and ready to go.

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    The new layout is much much better. As a secondary point, the new layout now eliminates the "false floor" that you had before as we can now see (on desktop anyway) that there's more below to see.

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    The idea is good but when I tried copying and pasting the text nothing extra was added. Does it only work in specific places? Also, the testimonial part is too bright for me and doesn't look very legit.

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      If you Right-Click to copy, then it's bugged right now. I'll have it back working soon, still in development :P

      If you want to see it in action, try using CTRL-C to copy any text from the site.

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    Oh man, I really hate it when a tool messes with the clipboard. I see the marketing value prop though. Does somewhat feel like a dark pattern.

    It makes sense, you copy paste something from a site. You see the copy paste in quotes attributed to the site that it was copied from, helps with giving attribution.

    ^ should probably have something on the site that explains this above the fold (without having to scroll to read it)

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      Yeah, it could be more "annoyance" than dark, but i see both sides. It depends how the Hicopy user uses it. Some users will write a TON to get their message across (annoying), some will write a few words. That's all on them. I do plan to release a couple Hicopy marketing videos, and blog posts to hopefully get a better understanding of using Hicopy.

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    I struggled to understand what it does. Also what's with all the dead space at the top of the page.

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      lol, that's funny cause my buddy hates that dead space too. I did it to hopefully just show the hero by itself, and then you scroll down, but ill raise it some more.

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        I really think you should just let it sit naturally under the header.

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          For sure, I'll move it much closer. If you still couldn't grasp the concept, basically; if people copy (or ctrl-c) anything from your website, they'll see an added message at the end, that you created using Hicopy.

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    Hey I like the project. I like that you put:

    "Copy This Text, Paste It Anywhere.
    --- Hi, I'm Hicopy. Pretty cool eh? // Download Hicopy today, free."

    It was nice to see it in action. I would say the text in the hero image could be improved. Maybe something like "Send a message to content pirates!" haha. Or maybe a gif of the product in action to quickly show what it does. Also, the text and logo at the top menu seem pretty small compared to the rest of the site.

    Good luck with your project!

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      Content pirates is a good one, ill remember that. lol. Glad you liked it, I need to figure out how to define it more as a "general" plugin vs niche (content pirates) specific, I have some ideas. Thanks for your feedback.

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    Hi Mark!

    I like your use of emoji in the hero 🙌! The design looks good to me in general. It seems that you're using two different shades of blue and green. Personally, I'd pick one and make the other lighter or darker. You could accomplish that by setting the background on the testimonials by setting it to rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.15) for example. Also, the mobile menu is orange – it might work better as blue or green.

    It took me a while to figure out what hicopy was too! I like this line that comes later down the page: Hicopy adds your customized message to anyone copying text from your content. I'd use it in the hero at the top.

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      Some color feedback, nice. I tried 100's of variations and definitely have some cleanup to do. Thanks for your feedback, I'll implement some changes.

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    Like the others, I could not understand what hicopy does.

    Could you include a demo on the landing page?

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      I'll be enhancing the demo area to greater detail soon. Currently there is a test demo under "Test Hicopy Yourself".

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        I don't get it, there's nothing happening when I copy & paste this text... Tested it in firefox+chrome

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          It's working, just tested myself on chrome, FF, and even Opera. Without debugging, It's hard to help you out. But, here's another way of explaining what it does; If people copy (or ctrl-c) anything from your website, they'll see an added message at the end, that you created using Hicopy. I'm still working on the website copy, it will improve over time. That's why I'm seeing what others thought, I got stuck. lol

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    I struggled understanding the aim of your product. At the beginning i thought it was just to copy paste a message, than after reading the whole page I understood that every time someone copy&paste what you wrote, the app will add some pre-written text at the end.

    So is it more like " I have worked very hard to write an article that will help people and I don't want anyone to steal my article and brag about it."

    So the app will help me get credit for my work. (like the growth hack from Apple : "Sent from my iPhone" ?)

    Or is it more like "I'm writing an article for my followers that's meant to bring a lot of value. And to develop a better relationship between my followers and me, I surprise them with a personalized message that will help them even more."

    So the app will help me surprise my follower by creating personalized "secret" messages which means develop a better relationship with them.

    The first thing you should do is showing people images of before / after copy&paste text.
    So they can see exactly what they can expect from your product.
    People won't download the app to make sure it is or it isn't what they thought. It would be more efficient for them to have a preview.

    I would also suggest you to rethink you first Title. You only have 4 seconds to convince people to stay. So get straight to the point. Which problem are you solving, what's in it for your customer?

    Hope this helps...

    Tell me what you think about it ;)

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      Excellent analogies, great perspective. To answer your question, Hicopy is for both reasons you stated above. It can be used for copyright protection, promotions, or just saying hello.

      I have the same idea with images or maybe a short ~30sec video to define what Hicopy does.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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    It may be just me but I don't get what Hicopy does? Could you explain it in 2-3 lines, @Skurt? Or, give me an example?

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      Basically; if people copy (ctrl-c) anything from your website, they'll see a message at the end that you created using Hicopy.

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        I think I understand now--thanks. In addition to an image or video suggested by others, can you tell your visitors how often people copy/paste other people's content? I'm not sure I would feel the need to use Hicopy if I don't believe this is a big issue.

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          That's a great idea, i'll look into that.