April 9, 2019

Would you install a Mac Menu App to track how many water you take in day?


I'm trying to validate a simple app idea, I'd appreciate to hear your opinion about that. And feel free to complement your answer, like "Yes, only if it's free"


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    No, I don't bother with tracking it. I have an app that alerts me when to drink so I know that I do it but never have to "mark" it complete.

    If I was tracking water, and marking it, I would us my phone since I always have it with me. Computer-based feels to restrictive for the world we live in.

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      wow, it seems pretty interesting, what app do you use?

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    Hi giio,

    Tracking water consumption as well :)

    I would, however not sure if you could sell it to me :)

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      Nice to see that @elkynator! I'll send you the download link once it's done. It will be free, at least on the first versions

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    Why not try phone app instead, no one's on a computer the whole day

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      iPhone already have good apps to tracking water, the idea is to track how many water you're drinking while using the pc. And, the problem with these iPhone apps is that every time you want to track this information, you need to pick the phone, unlock it, open the app, and then mark one more. In the Menu Bar, it's just a matter of click "+1" for example.

      But, I appreciate your answer, thanks!

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    No :)

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    What is the reason for wanting to track how many water you take? [sic]

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      For some people this is pretty useful and it is motivating to see that you're keeping the healthy habits.
      For those who try to stay healthy, they usually use an app to track if they are drinking enough water along the day.
      Think on that like a niche.

      But thanks for sharing your opinion

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    No I unlock my phone anyways ☹️🤕

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    Nope, as a mac user I'd not :p.

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    No, not a Mac user 😉️