Would you join an Indie Hacker DAO / Cooperative, if so how should it be structured?

I've been thinking about alternative funding options for indie hackers / bootstrappers that don't include debt or venture financing and it seems to me like a cooperative version of a startup studio / incubator could be a way to do it. Something similar to https://dxdao.eth.link where members can vote to bring on new members and potentially offer to cover living (UBI) and business expenses for a year at a time with an option to re up if there's traction.

I'm personally not a fan of crypto but DAOs seem like an interesting business structure that could make it possible to set things up in a decentralized manner and make it easier to manage members vesting in and out if they leave.

Starting this would either require a few initial crowdfunded projects or a merger of already profitable bootstrapped companies willing to use some of their revenue to fund things (ideally new projects that they'd be customers of).

TLDR: How can we build the Y Combinator for Indie Hackers without needing VCs and infinite growth?

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    Yes, I would join. Make it happen!

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    A good explainer of what a DAO is: https://ethereum.org/en/dao/

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    I've been pondering something like this lately. I am interested in discussing it.

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    Ever since I learned about DAOs, I have envisioned the future of my organization Grey Software to operate as one.

    I've always imagined that a platform like open collective for DAOs would eventually emerge and I would register my organization on there.

    If that platform had functionality like GitCoin where the DAO could post tasks that OSS developers around the world would get paid to do, that would make it even better for me. And if the whole thing could integrate with GitLab, I'd be so excited!

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    Sounds great!

    Open for a discussion.

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