May 10, 2019

Would you like to join a small accountability group?

Budibase @BudiBase

I'm lucky to have a couple of people working with me on Budibase, but I feel we need to open our discussions with other startups.

Indie Hackers is great, but its huge so I was wondering if other SaaS startups would be interested in joining a small accountability group where we can ask each other questions, give advice and tackle this crazy startup journey together?

I was thinking the group would consist of 5
tech SaaS startups. We could run it on Facebook or Slack - TBD.

Comment below if your are interested. If this proves popular, it might be an idea to form other accountability/support groups.

Joe - cofounder of Budibase

  1. 3

    I'm looking for a group like this since kinda died. I would love to join!

    1. 2

      How was remotestandups? Was it any good when it was alive?

      1. 1

        Yeah it was. It's not hard to imagine how it was. People would tell you a time they meet every day for a few minutes, you would join the group and everyone would join a call on that time and answer the usual standup questions and talk about it after

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      Awesome. We'll get something started once we get enough feedback. Give the post a 'like' so it gains more views and ultimately more startups for our accountability group.

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    Hey y'all. What's your preferred comms channel for this:

    Facebook group
    Other (please detail)

    @luanmuniz @aidaman @rickfiyah @jpusateri @chvid @asitwala

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      no preference on my end, but slack is easy

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      I'd prefer Slack the most!

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      I don't have a preference between the various platforms but I think a chat channel that runs throughout the day combined with a regular video / screensharing session would be a way to go. Maybe a combination of Slack + Skype ...

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      I like Slack too

    5. 1

      I'm happy with Slack

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    Hi @BudiBase, sounds super interesting. Would love to join!

  4. 2

    count me in

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    Great idea!

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    Mike here, cofounder of Budibase, it's important to note, it doesn't matter if you are a technical cofounder or not!

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    Hey everyone. Slack sounds like the majority vote.

    Here is a link to the channel.

    @luanmuniz @aidaman @rickfiyah @jpusateri @chvid @asitwala

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    Hi. I am interested in this. I am solo developer working on an analytics tool. Based in Copenhagen.

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    This sounds like a cool idea + sounds like it could be pretty helpful! Kind of in the same boat as you — I’m part of a 2-person team, and while it’s awesome having a co-founder, at times, it’s hard for the two of us to figure out which decisions would make the most sense for our business. We’re trying a bunch of different strategies based on what we read on Indie Hackers, Twitter, Reddit, etc…but I think it might be more helpful to have a mentor or another startup actively/repeatedly guide us based on their past experiences.