Would you pay for this year-long goal tracker in Notion?

I used this weekly goal tracking Notion page this year and found it to be very beneficial in both setting regular goals for myself & in tracking my progress. The format was also easy to use and fun to fill out every week/month.

I'd love to share this with more people, but I was wondering whether something like this would be worth paying for on Gumroad. What do you all think?

Would you pay for this?
  1. Yes, more than $5-10
  2. Yes, around $5
  3. No, it should be free
  4. No, I wouldn't want it
  1. 2

    Opt for no. But don't give up.

    Notion is huge. And there're many ways you can monetize it and make it more unique.

    Big fan of Notion and enjoying every minutes with Virtual Mojito

    1. 1

      Makes total sense, thanks!!

  2. 2

    I feel this is too easy to replicate in order to pay money for it.

    I would just do it myself

    1. 1

      Makes sense, thanks!

  3. 1

    To parrot what other people are saying, I think it needs more to be monetised. This like Goals, Wins, Challenges etc (from your screenshots) could be databases which allows for a richer view and more flexibility for users.

    It would also let you categorise different types of Goals. For example, career, personal, education, wellbeing etc.

    There are a lot of Notion templates out there trying to be life/goal planners (e.g.: https://www.notion.so/Notion-Template-Gallery-181e961aeb5c4ee6915307c0dfd5156d) so I think a niche has to be found in some way.

    As a side note, I'm currently working on my own Notion template that I'd like to sell. It lets the user test out different scenarios and do some basic financial modelling/planning to help people in the UK buy a house. It's pretty niche and I haven't found anything like it (other than Excel/Google Sheets spreadsheets).

    Would be interested to see how you're getting on and if you've decided a price point yet!

    1. 1

      That's super interesting! Thanks for your feedback as well!

      I haven't really prioritized this project at the moment since I was just trying to gauge if there would be potential for it, but I think I may try to work on it on the side to make a more advanced version for next year & then sell at a low price point.

      Your idea seems like a great use of Notion though and I imagine could help a lot of people! It seems like the winning combination for selling Notion templates as a product is a combination of providing the correct interface/infrastructure but combined with some sort of novel information that is held within the template (in your case, the data/numbers around buying houses in different areas, potentially rules and regulations, etc.). Good luck for your project!

      1. 1

        Word of caution, don't take this single poll as a reason to settle on a low price point. One of the things I've seen is that when finding a niche and making something useful, it's more important to find people who will love the product and use it a lot. They might pay more for it, if the value add is high enough. No need to sell yourself short.

        Where do you think you'll sell it? I've pretty much finished mine but I'm not sure what approach is best. I wonder if I can get away with not even having a landing page and just using a product page on a merchant website 🤔

        Also, happy new year!

        1. 2

          Thanks for the advice! Yes I'll definitely keep that in mind.

          I was thinking of selling it via Gumroad! This is more of a side project so I don't think I would make a whole landing page etc. for it.

          Happy new year to you too!

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