May 16, 2019

Would you sell your SaaS products?


Idea validation

Problem statement

Many entrepreneurs are into marketing, sales and business. They need a product and are not sure where to buy from a trusted source. The sources where they can buy the product are very expensive.

They don't want to spend time getting a project made by hiring freelancers from upwork or elsewhere.


Bidzcart- a marketplace for SaaS products.

Buyers: Can Easily submit their project by submitting a quick form, they will be verified by our system for Identity, Phone and email. They can also get a project verified status.

Seller: Can buy products from on our marketplace without worrying about the technology and if the source code is working. We will put a 'trusted SaaS' tag on the product source code we test and then also help with the transaction between the two untrusted sources ( Buyer and the seller being alien to each other)

I am not an expert with startups guys, suggestions appreciated.

Questions for the community-

  1. Would you sell your SaaS products on bidzcart if it lets you list them for free?
  2. Would you buy SaaS products from bidzcart given that the projects are working and trusted?
  3. As a Seller: Would you pay like $25/ SaaS product you put for Sale for getting 'SaaS Verified' tag on your project to stand you out from the rest? This will require you to upload your source code.
    'SaaS Verified' basically means our team will test deploy your application and ensure all the files are there in the source code. This will build trust between you and the buyer :)
  4. Would you be interested in bidding?
  5. Will you pay $5/month to get your project 'featured' in our home page ?

Thanks IH!

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    Would you buy SaaS products from bidzcart given that the projects are working and trusted?

    The #1 problem I have seen with Flippa and the like is that the listings are full of spam. It's really hard to trust any of the lower-priced listings. Just yesterday, I saw a domain for sale in the SaaS category. It claimed revenue, but then didn't have valid numbers to go with the claims. Overall, it was very sketchy. That seems to be par for the course.

    If I had confidence that I knew what I was getting, I would have no trouble buying from this site. However, I'm skeptical that a listing fee of $25 will let you do enough validation to give me comfort.

    I think there's a market for going the other way -- higher listing fees for better quality of projects. For example, if I'm buying a side project could you certify that an independent programmer at your marketplace has been able to download the code and get it running? If it says it's done in Rails, has someone at the marketplace verified that it's not actually a crappy WordPress plugin? And does it do what the seller claims? On revenue, did the marketplace independently verify revenue claims (a screenshot doesn't do it!)?

    A marketplace that did that kind of diligence on projects would be my only stop in buying projects.

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      Thank you @NakoQuant
      Thats very helpful. I will focus on the things you have mentioned. Our platform will check the source codes and ensure the basic points mentioned by the developer hold.

      All listings will go through the approval process. Scam/ Spammy listings like "angry badzz 2019" wont be allowed. I will work with the legal team and get this documented.

      For the testing part i will update the landing page.

      Thank you for your answer

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    As a seller:
    I will be interested to list for free for sure since flippa and other popular marketplaces seem to be charging a lot at the moment.
    I might also pay $5 to get my project featured too.
    I would be interested in the SAAS verified tag for $25 if I can set a minimum selling price to my product.

    As a buyer:
    I might buy something that is related to my interest areas but as a buyer, I really don't like the idea of bidding. Probably a better deal for me would be some kind of contract with fixed price and also assurance from the seller regarding the services they might offer after purchase. Open bidding is not for me.

    Also do you mind giving some feedback here?


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      Very meaningful feedback mate.

      That answers many questions.

      How much price range do you think we are looking at for side projects-

      1. Between $1-5k USD
      2. $5k-$20k USD
      3. $50k+
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        Between $1-5k USD

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    I would definitely buy and sell side projects.

    • Yes I would list if it is for free and also pay 5$ to be featured on the start page (IMO 5$ is too less, as close to everyone will then appear on the start page)
    • As buyer I would only buy verified projects. So why not have a 20$ listing fee for everyone and always check the tech

    I do not think the tech is the point you buy with a SaaS project. It is always about the audience and the already paying having a tech check here is not a big value add.

    Will you also have an escrow service? Maybe you should try to go even deeper into a niche, (So only a sort of SaaS) would help you to have a more narrow target for your marketing. Currently you are sort of addressing everyone and nobody.

    Wish you the best luck for!

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      Thank you for the answers @natan

      Another point I can offer is - 'escrow service' as a form of trust.

      And I love the idea of charging $20 for every project on platform. Do you think it can be recurring? I am unsure about it.

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    Absolutely would buy side projects if they are reasonably priced.

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      Awesome.. I will finish the website and the product MVP then after a few more replies :)

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    Verification step is sure great and needed, but do you think you can try out running an app for $25? Unless it's already Heroku-ready your costs for this may be way higher.

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      Interesting. I guess its not only about being paid then.

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