Would you use a training platform to train employees and increase productivity?

Hi Everyone,

My friend and I are building a tool focused on micro-learning and making it easy for internal employees, agents, contractors et al. to do their job easy and making it more fun.

But before launching, we would be delighted and appreciate if you can spend less than 60 seconds and provide your valuable insights for the survey here -


Big thanks in advance!

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    Ya, I think a tool that helps onboard new employees/ contractors into both SAAS tools and internal tools would be kinda neat. In many orgs, onboarding training is clunky.

    I would say online static docs (sometimes lacking) + screen share calls are the go-to for many remote orgs.

    Something I would try to keep in mind:

    • how do we get someone contributing on a tool
    • how do we point them in the right direction to answer questions (Written documentation? Subject matter expert? Support Contact with vendor?)
    • Related to the above, I would think, what's the best investment we can make to start seeing returns
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    Hi, we did exactly the same thing! Site going to beta launch soon, here is the site add: www.tribewizard.com. Maybe we can collaborate?

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    Honest question. What exactly is micro-learning?

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    Micro-learning is the future.

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