March 22, 2019

Would you use this?

Fernando Varela @fvarela


An easy to use and simple photo-sharing app.

Right now, when I go in a trip with family or friends, it's quite annoying to 'pass around' all the photos that we took. The current way we solve this is either by using airDrop or by creating a Dropbox folder for them, both of which are time consuming and not very user friendly (for instance, even if I have 100s of photos, I need to click them one by one to select them).

Does this sound like a problem you have?

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    I use Google Photos for this purpose and it generally works well (almost everyone around me has a Google account). I create an album for the trip/thing and everybody adds the photos when they have wifi.

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    It feels more like you're competing with FB/Instagram/etc. How are you different/better and for who?

  3. 2

    Sounds cool, I woldn't pay for it.

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    This is definitely a problem I experience, but the inconvenience level is low enough that I won't do anything about it (and most definitely would not pay to solve this, as sharing is too infrequent).

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    When you say 'easy to use and simple' what is your solution?

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    Hi! I am working on something exactly like this :-)
    Programming the application, but no landing page yet ;-)
    I had this issue for years now and think

    • Dropbox
    • google photos
    • WhatsApp
      don't solve the problem.
      I am looking forward to build something where many can share photos with many people, interacting over those photos.
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    I just send them via text messages or social media. I don't have any problems here.

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    I use WhatsApp for this. Pretty easy to find media/photos/links that have been shared outside of all the text chat.

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    I had a similar idea a while back.

    Basically group chat for photos - I think it would be useful. I use whatsapp a lot for sharing photos with family, but they get lost in a thread and overwhelmed with text so quickly they may as well be disposable.

    I researched competitors briefly and there are a number of apps that already do this. They all looked a bit 'meh' though.

    Good luck if you continue with the idea (do you code BTW - if so, would be happy to collab from a design POV).

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