Ideas and Validation January 23, 2020

Would you use this?

Yuri Alves @YuriGuernsey

What does the IH community think of a desktop application that can connect to your website directory or website repo, and sync any local changes, either automatically or on a push of a button

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    Isn't that the sync feature of any ftp program out there?

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      I wasn’t aware of this, thank you for informing me.
      Is it automatic and what does the feature fully do?

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        Basically you have a directory on your computer, that you want to sync with any directory on the ftp host. Cyberduck has it, Transmit has it, I am sure there are others which have it. Here is a video of the feature from Transmit:

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          I see. Thank you for the useful information

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    it is like a CI/CD? I can imagine this with designers people,

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    I took a class that had course notes backed by a git repo and hosted on Github pages. I think the key to making this work would be providing something different than that.

    Maybe you could provide value to non-technical users? I know when I modified that course's notes, it involved using a text editor + git and opening a pull request on Github. Not a ton of friction, but perhaps enough that you could add value.

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    I think the idea definition is too generic. You can already do that you git commands, FTP sync, a task runner, some CI setup or just like using Dropbox etc. What is the exact problem that this idea solves and how exactly will it work?

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      Before I knew about FTP sync today, the objective of the idea was to make it easier for developers to work on their project and upload it. I also thought there was a lot of CI that was aimed for github and most were all console based instead on GUI.

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    Sounds very much like a CI/CD setup. Maybe some sort of "easy-setup, local "Jenkins"/continuous delivery pipeline"? On each save of the editor (or with whatever trigger you may configure), it could run tests, push changes to your repository and deploy them.
    Doesn't sound bad, although I'm pretty sure there are similar products nowadays.

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      Thank you for the response.
      It is exactly like that.
      I know github has Github desktop, but I haven't heard of one for ftp.

      I would love to know other examples.

      Is it something you would use?

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        I ~personally~ wouldn't because I'm a console-nerd. I thrive on shitty bash scripts and unnecesary automation (I work as a DevOps Engineer)
        However, I understand I'm not the majority of the people, and a very simple and easy to use local CI setup, backed with a clean UI interface could work. You could also support many transfer protocols (ftp, git, scp, local copy, etc). You could chain actions, like an IFTTT but for developers.
        If you begin working on it and need advice (technical or otherwise) or help with the code, feel free to drop me a line.

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        That's true, I haven't really seen any desktop FTP app as such, they are mostly manual, drag and drop to upload or edit files one by one, so it might automate the manual drag and drop for those using FTP / SFTP for people who have full-blown CI / CD might be a bit harder for them to switch to this, it would be beginner-friendly though, or for people using FTP drag and drop

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