April 11, 2019

Would you use this: Call + Script

George @hbrdshr

I was thinking about building a web app to:

  • Make phone calls to a number
  • Record the call
  • Display a script/agenda (mostly a simple bulleted list)
  • Allow sharing of the recording


  • Sales calls: Allow sales folks to share successes/failures
  • User interviews
  • Phone interviews

Would you use this? If I build it, will you come?

Other feature ideas:

  • Within an org, collab/sharing of scripts
  • Transcription + Search of calls
  • On-the-fly phone number creation to get a desired area code


  1. 1

    it a cool idea for call centers - where they let the participant know the call is recorded - we have built a tool like that 3 years ago for a business that generates most of his business via cold calls and added NLP to assist with monitoring.
    I would check the market really good as I think there are a whole bunch of product like that ( does not mean there is no room for one more ).
    good luck :-) if you need feedback on what we did back than always happy to help fellow maker

  2. 1

    I'm not seeing the value here, whats the difference between you showing me a script and me having it in a google doc. Also recording conversations is not legal in all states, unless you get consent from both parties. I'd find something else

    1. 1

      I usually start my user interviews with a "hey, mind if I record this?" The app would work similarly. That is - you'd click a button saying "The user has consented to recording"

      Yes, you can have a script in a Google Doc - I did that for a call today.
      And you can record using any number of apps.
      And you can then share in a myriad of ways.

      ...but it feels like an app to do it all with no effort could be valuable.

      Do you do sales calls, user interviews or phone screens often?

      1. 1

        User interviews sure, but I'm not about to start a sales call off with "mind if I record this..." I'm already at a disadvantage with it being a sales call. I've never had an interview be recorded, if someone wants to see what I say, why don't they interview me...

        Maybe others feel different though...

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